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The Journey Continues – Mozlando is Coming!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The ‘Mozilla Coincidental Work Week’ brings everyone at Mozilla together in the same city, at the same time for the opportunity of collaboration – this time in Orlando Florida (Dec 7 – 11) ! ‘Mozlando’ is the next stop on our Participation Cohort’s journey –  a perfect environment for goal-setting focused on building high impact participation opportunities with product teams.  Truly – a  beautiful opportunity to invest in, and with each other. Over 100 volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly…read more


#MyMozfest 2015

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The Mozilla Festival took place this last past weekend!   Mozfest is the first of three Global Leadership events we’re leveraging to empower a cohort of Participation Leaders in their goals for 2016.  This first group of 30  represents those whose goals strongly focused on developing and delivering programs that build skills (leadership and otherwise) of Mozillians.   Some sweets from @mozillaro ! Find them at the #participationspace museum! #mozfest pic.twitter.com/k4qNJ6vF80 — Ioana Chiorean (@ioana_cis) November 7, 2015   Mozfest is the perfect place to meet kindred spirits, make new…read more

Mozilla at Grace Hopper Open Source Day

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This past October, thanks to Larissa Shapiro, I had the incredible opportunity of teaching Open Source Participation at Grace Hopper Open Source Day. In recent years, I would say the primary focus of my contribution to Mozilla has been an effort to create educational offerings and experiences with real world value, through open source participation.  And this event proved  that –  not only do people really want learning opportunities like this, but we can make the world a better place, and tech a more diverse environment in the process. Some…read more

The Journey Begins! Participation @ #Mozfest 2015

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“Participation doesn’t just happen, it’s built through great design & great leadership” In three short weeks, the first of our Global Leadership Events: Mozfest 2015 will be upon us and with it increasing buzz of activity will be emerging as our cohort prepares for and travels to London.  Mozfest is an opportunity unlike any other to learn, teach, practice and collaborate.  We’ll use this journey to bring everyone closer to their personal goals for success at the event itself and as empowerment for our collective vision for Mozilla leadership in…read more

How to Write a Good ‘Open’ Task

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The act of creating tasks in an open repository is not itself an invitation to get involved. Lets be honest about the ‘types of tasks’ we’re creating, and then just design properly for those we intend for participation. In Whistler earlier this year, we gathered together a group of code contributors to better understand what barriers, frustrations, ambitions and successes they experienced contributing code to Mozilla projects. Above all other topics, the ‘task description’ was surfaced as the biggest reason for abandoning projects.  This, the doorway for participation is given…read more

My Volunteer Opportunities this Heartbeat

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I am returning from a couple of weeks away: rested and super-energized about what’s coming next for the Participation Team and community leadership. Based on research in the last two heartbeats we have now have an v.1 of Participation Leadership Framework, and we’re fired up and ready to go for the next three weeks developing and testing curriculum in line with that framework. Volunteer sub-tasks volunteer for my heartbeat are: Curriculum QA  and ‘Workshop Co-pilot’. The first is really just about staying connected to the work, and providing feedback and…read more

Mozilla Thimble – Test Drive of Happiness

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In the last few years I’ve learned a ton about what helps people learn, where they get stuck and how to customize learning for various ages, interests and attention-spans. When ‘teaching the web’ for kids as young as eight all the way up to university students there’s always some level of trouble-shooting and  tinkering to do with tools I’ve tried so far (both on and offline). Mozilla’s Thimble had been one of those tools, but usually for the very early steps in learning.  For more advanced lessons,  I’ve tried a…read more

Participation Leadership Framework 0.1

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In the last heartbeat, as part of our Q3 goals for leadership development,  I interviewed a diverse set of people across Mozilla, asking what they think the skills, knowledge and attitudes of effective Participation Leadership at Mozilla are.  Two things really stood out during this process.  The first was how many people (staff, contributors and alumni) are truly, truly dedicated to the success of each other and Mozilla’s mission, which was really inspiring and helped inform the quality of this Framework. The second was how many opportunities and resources already…read more

Foundations of Mozilla – My Heartbeat Update & Volunteer Opportunities

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Saying I’m excited about the Participation Team’s goals for the remainder of the year would be an understatement.  And I’m especially excited about the emphasis on community leaders and the development of leadership curriculum that I’m working on. I thought I would write a quick post to provide insight into the work I’m starting this heartbeat, as well as some cool opportunities to get involved. Goal: Launch the basics of a refreshed leadership program. Participation at Mozilla has always been an opportunity to ‘learn by doing’, and ‘learning to lead’…read more

#MozLove for April

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This month’s #mozlove post is for April Morone. I wrote this post with  inspiration from the first version of ‘Participation Personas . Personas (V1) is a  list of contributor profiles I use to design participation opportunities.  For each persona I also suggest a series of ‘lenses’ which, I believe can help us design with, and for greater diversity and dimension. A lens can be anything from gender identity and age, to what I called a ‘toxic rating’, which changes the flexibility and value of collaborating with someone.   Another lens is…read more