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Mozfest 2016 for Participation

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Earlier this month a group of people met in Berlin to imagine and design Mozfest 2016. Blending inspiration and ideas from open  news, science, localization, youth, connected devices and beyond  – we spent three glorious days collaborating and building  a vision of a Mozfest like no other. The Participation team emerged from this experience with a new vision for Mozillian participation we’re calling ‘Mozfest Space* Contributors’.  Roles designed to bring success on the goals of every space in the building.  This is a very different approach from recent years where…read more


Flipping the open source contribution model

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The Flipped Contribution model is one that removes the project as the center of participation design and instead focuses on developing a strong, skill-set-specific, contributor-led community serving multiple projects. They’re building the opportunity for projects to get involved with them. They’re building the community they want to see in the world. Read my full post on Opensource.com   Image by cordyceps, CC BY 2.0

My Open Tasks This Heartbeat

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Happy New Year! This heartbeat (ending Jan 22nd) is particularly crazy fun, as we prepare for the Leadership Summit in Singapore.  I’ m again experimenting with Open Tasks, this time asking for skill-specific help developing learning content for workshops: 1. Open is an Attitude 2. Rapid Prototyping 3. How to Run an Excellent Event Each of these present a creative and fun challenge, both in content and format (1 hour workshops).  There are both very small, and larger chunks of work depending on your background and time.  When we’re done…read more

My 2016 #FOSS Project — Secret Shopper

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In the first 6 months of 2016, I have a personal goal of contributing code to 10 Open Source Projects. I’m looking for projects with potential to teach us how to design for the success of contributors, like myself, who bring intermediate to advanced skill-sets and experience.   I’ll be contributing code under another name, ala Secret Shopper, and sharing what I learn in a July post. I am looking for nominations for Open Source projects that: Are available on the web using web technologies. Have a released version of…read more

Leadership Summit Planning

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With a successful Mozlando for the Participation Cohort still in our rear-view mirror, we are excited to begin the launch process for the Leadership Summit, happening next month in Singapore What is the Leadership Summit? As part of the Participation Team’s Global Gatherings application process for this event,  we asked people to commit to developing and being accountable to recruit and organize contributors in order grow the size and impact of their community in 2016.  We ran also ran a second application process this month, to identify new and emerging…read more

Revisiting the Word ‘Recognition’ in #FOSS and the Dream of Open Credentials

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I think a lot about ways we can better surface Participation as real-world offering for professional and personal development. And this tweet from Laura  triggered all kinds of thinking. Check out this @BryanMMathers and @dajbelshaw on why open source needs open badges: https://t.co/9By0pyiCd0 @opensourceway — Laura Hilliger (@epilepticrabbit) November 27, 2015 Most thinking was reminiscent at first.  Working on open projects teaches relevant skills, helps establish mentorship relationships and surfaces hidden strengths and talents. It’s my own story. And then reflective.. The reason we’ve struggled to make participation a universally…read more

The Journey Continues – Mozlando is Coming!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The ‘Mozilla Coincidental Work Week’ brings everyone at Mozilla together in the same city, at the same time for the opportunity of collaboration – this time in Orlando Florida (Dec 7 – 11) ! ‘Mozlando’ is the next stop on our Participation Cohort’s journey –  a perfect environment for goal-setting focused on building high impact participation opportunities with product teams.  Truly – a  beautiful opportunity to invest in, and with each other. Over 100 volunteers will have the opportunity to work directly…read more

#MyMozfest 2015

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The Mozilla Festival took place this last past weekend!   Mozfest is the first of three Global Leadership events we’re leveraging to empower a cohort of Participation Leaders in their goals for 2016.  This first group of 30  represents those whose goals strongly focused on developing and delivering programs that build skills (leadership and otherwise) of Mozillians.   Some sweets from @mozillaro ! Find them at the #participationspace museum! #mozfest pic.twitter.com/k4qNJ6vF80 — Ioana Chiorean (@ioana_cis) November 7, 2015   Mozfest is the perfect place to meet kindred spirits, make new…read more

Mozilla at Grace Hopper Open Source Day

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This past October, thanks to Larissa Shapiro, I had the incredible opportunity of teaching Open Source Participation at Grace Hopper Open Source Day. In recent years, I would say the primary focus of my contribution to Mozilla has been an effort to create educational offerings and experiences with real world value, through open source participation.  And this event proved  that –  not only do people really want learning opportunities like this, but we can make the world a better place, and tech a more diverse environment in the process. Some…read more