Mozilla Reps Global Webmaker Project : Kids + Youth Open Source

      At least this is the proposal so far… Looking at the Mozparty Map, I see potential to build something big together, with kids, youth, parents and with the support of mentors running those events.  I see opportunity to touch on pretty much ALL of the Web Literacies , while  encouraging participation in


Webmaker BC Forum

This summer we organized two Mozparty events:  Victoria Hackjam – Hackasaurus!  And Mozilla Popcorn Hackjam .  Both events sold-out with wait lists, both were a LOT of fun, and  learning happened on all sides .  Kids quickly grasped the technology; parents and volunteers (from diverse backgrounds in education, web development, filmmaking, government and beyond) responded

Mozilla Popcorn Hackjam (#mozparty in review and looking ahead)

A room full of smart, cool kids paired with brilliant volunteers and web-changing technology = Victoria’s Popcorn Hackjam  (Make sure you checkout the link above to see the cool Popcorn projects our kids created) There are a few things I wish could have gone better…(paper popcorn/storyboarding – didn’t really translate with our event video /

Common Threads of Contribution (if you ask me anyway…)

Recently, I’ve given a lot of thought to the ‘common threads’ of contribution as they relate to my own experiences (Software/Open Source + community volunteering). I feel so strongly that volunteering(‘contribution’) is something everyone should attempt if their lives allow it. I say this, not with a pointed finger but with a heart filled by