Finding the words – fewer of them

I still find the general response to be something like: ‘huh” , to my most thoughtful, energetic, passionate description of the work we’re doing with Mozilla and creating hackjams for kids & youth .

I’ve been labouring over a new method of relating web literacy, open source, open education to grass roots initiatives, and ideas regularly communicated to me, by friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. These are ideas in our community that no longer need much explanation – we accept their value.   This ultimately is a goal for our work with Mozilla.

I live in a small BC town, where sustainability, family and the environment are core values in decisions we make every day.  I wonder if providing parellels with these could help minimize the words we need .  An experiment so far.

I’m still forming these thoughts ( so be gentle ), and hopeful they’ll evolve to  a polished, sensible representation of the message that I intend –  That  I’ll need fewer words altogether in providing the information our communities need to embrace the vision of  Mozilla , Webmaker and web literacy as a good goal.

Some thoughts so far

Open Source IS a community garden!

community garden thumb14829644

Open Source involves many,  many hands, all with unique reasons for being there.  Contributors to Open Source tend lovingly to the end result because they choose to, because they are invested in the end result – and excited about it. More people come because the spirit of building something of importance  is contagious. #Mozparty is a community garden.

Open Badges are ‘Shopping Local’


It’s making a deliberate decision to prioritize beyond the drone of mainstream consumerism and it’s vague promises. It’s supporting, and celebrating small accomplishments – its recognizing contribution to the quality of a much bigger picture.

Webmaking is Quality Time


It’s squishy finger paints, it’s splashing in puddles, it’s mud pies, it’s puppet shows and time together with friends and family.  Exactly like these things ~ Webmaking is MAKING – and sharing the end result. Webmaking is exploring

Web Literacy is Buying Organic


Teaching children is planting a seed, giving opportunity to potential that as it grows develops as a life of its own. Webmaking is giving life to new ideas, expressed in new ways.

The organic movement is also about reducing consumerism by growing your own food.  Similarly teaching kids to participate and make technology, reduces consumerism as an only option .

Hacking is winning the lottery


Ok, well this one might be a stretch – but in a sense Hacking is freedom. It’s taking something in your life and deciding what the end result should look like. Alone, or in collaboration hacking means deciding and directing. Something that only winning the lottery can provide us in other aspects of our lives! :)

Kids are us as kids

sort of, but not really…

Mostly I am writing this down for myself. After our hackjam, I had a lot of GREAT feedback, but also some confusion that perhaps, (even though) our event was free – that we were paid by someone to promote *something* commercial.


*Photo is my daughter Daisy on a motorbike, her fav place to be – completely unrelated :)