Drupal Popcorn module, mozparty goodness, freaking-out over mozfest (I’m going!)

I’ve never been so absorbed…so completely immersed in an Open Source/community project as I have with Mozilla Webmaker, and most recently Popcorn .  This extends  to work with Drupal  & Popcorn.js that I am very dedicated to (but has been getting the backseat some other things taking priority)

Code-commit was scheduled tonight for my Drupal Module, and instead  I’ll be taking my 4 day weekend to cobble the last coherant bits together.

Some updates on my Mozilla work – which help explain the delay in Drupal  I hope!    (or JUMP to Drupal portion of blog entry for more info there)

1. Organizing our Mozilla Popcorn Hackjam event.

My actual strengths are: programming, event organization, volunteer coordination.

My evolving strengths are: teaching, lesson planning, and … video?  Well I’m not sure video will ever be an actual strength, but I think at the end of all this I’ll be a ‘more useful’ resource when it comes to Web Native Story Telling.

It’s those evolving strengths, that seem to be taking more time that I anticipated. I work in education, so I am so fortunate to have resources of other minds on this topic.

I’ve also been doing the rounds communicating, promoting, recruiting  – discussing, meeting, planning..replanning, scheming, imagining  (loving every moment actually).  I’m excited to have Open Data BC supporting our event now, as well as opportunity for promotion thorugh Ministry of Education, the BC Jobs Plan and of course ‘Experience Tectoria‘ , of which we are a participating event.

And the Times Colonist is going to do a story as well.

My daughter Molly will be helping Brett Gaylor make a video for a new Popcorn Maker Template just for this event.   She is excited, and I know they’ll be a great pair.  Can’t wait to share the resulting video & Popcorn Template!


3.  Proposing a session for MozFest

I have been honoured, and am excited (beyond words!  Like FREAKING-OUT excited!) to have the opportunity to attend Mozfest London 2012 in November and as a part of that  spent time this last week imagining what value I could possible have, and so I came up with Grassroots Webmaker, which I think is what I do..and can speak/lead discussion on.    I hope it translates as I meant to. (feedback welcome)

And in  other news:

3.  Worked a Full time Job  :D  (someone has to pay my mortgage :)

4.  Loved my family <3


I am still SUPER excited still about Drupal & Popcorn, still plan on a commit by early next week.  (ugh, I hate delay)

BUT really the biggest aspect of what needs to happen next is ‘research’. And I could use help there  any time now!

=> What  I know is possible: 

Popcorn Plugin events will interact with videos uploaded with video.js within Drupal.  And it is awesome. All demos, have resulted in responses like ‘WOW’ and ‘When will it be ready (sigh)’. 

=> How I first saw it working (and demoed previously):

Add field groups for each Popcorn plugin to an content type, associated with a (video.js) video.   ie Wikepedia fields , and the target div.

=>Issues uncovered in the process

  • In ‘edit mode’ of the node, there is no Video view(the start end times become a labour intensive mission). So the video NEEDS to be visible as a part of the process (Iike image crop)
  • Target Div list?  How is a user supposed to know what divs are available on the UI? Can panels help with this?
  • As a user adds new plugin – events, how should they be displayed (in a list with ‘x’ to remove etc.?  What does the ‘management side’ look like.
  • proof of concept was done without ajax-like option to add multiple events of the same type (what would that look like?).

Or you can just ignore all of this and play with Popcorn Maker for half an hour (start with this one), and THEN answer this question ‘ How can we leverage what Popcorn Maker is doing (source code wise, or other)with drag and drop (they have a new version coming soon, so check back often)?  

Is the field route wrong, or can we build on it?  These are my questions. 

Wireframe much?

Thanks for reading, and for kind offers to help…  Let me know your thoughts.