Drupal Sandbox Commit for Popcorn

I realized this weekend when I spent a lot of time researching the Drupal Popcorn project, that I:

  1. Am over commited!  (that’s the problem with loving my work)
  2. Needed to do more research than coding (I did a lot of one, and some of the other)
  3. That the module should be an entity type, not a field type (but still learned a lot)
  4. I (we) need to see what we can leverage from Popcorn Maker/Drag and drop events. 
  5. That I won’t be able to take these steps until after the Popcorn Hackjam I am organizing Sept 15th, and MozFest (Nov 9-11). (although I’ll setup a popcorn-maker sandbox before then – and I’ll share for anyone else interested in learning )

I’ve made an initial commit:  http://drupal.org/sandbox/emmairwin/1711594 but for me this is now only a reference for the entity module that comes next. 

It’s not where I wanted it (it’s stubbed out in place), but neither is the amount of time in a day, and I feel happy at least the direction is becoming clearer.  

Example: http://tiptoes.ca/drupal-popcorn/node/3  (request admin access and I’ll give it to you)

the module header has way more information on what’s there, community feedback etc.   I’m hoping to work with some of the smart people who have shown interest in contributing.  Let me know if/what you see for yourself.