A busy week!

Well, it’s been a fairly interesting week – both professionally and in my direction with teaching kids programming through Hackasuarus. I am really astounded at the speed of response and progress, both through support in the Mozilla community, through my office, hometown and beyond.

Canada.com Tech did an article on Hackaurus, via an interview with Mark Surman and myself! (not together of course, but perhaps we’ll do coffee one day :) There was an inaccuracy in the part about the principle (it was a teacher) but otherwise pretty cool.

I don’t teach a class until March now, so I have some time which is good because I want to contribute to the conversation and direction of this project through Mozilla. To that end , I’ve had the opportunity to listen in on some early morning Web Maker calls and have learned a LOT Like, including the location of two Mozillians living in Victoria – one of which is involved/lead? Mozilla Popcorn (which I am learning as well). I have their support for a Hackfest in Victotria. AND I met someone setting up a first Vancouver-hackfest, so I hope to work with her as well. So much!

I also applied for, and was accepted as Mozilla Rep (ReMo) which I am SO EXCITED about. With this volunteer position, I can access resources of the Mozilla Foundation for Hackfests in Victoria.

And then (this is all in one week!) after listening to some issues on the Web Maker call about laptop resources, I realized how fortunate it may turn out to be, that I work in a University. Aside from the professional resources in Educational Technology, there are computer labs… and so I’ve begun the process of applying to use one of the computer labs for a Hackfest. I think I can easily provide a positive reason why the University would benefit, and I’ll update on that at some point. It makes perfect sense to me, that higher education be involved. I hope they agree (fingers crossed).

Once I have a location, I can pick a date.