2012 was all about people

2012 was a pivotal year for me, as I allowed myself to step back from six years of volunteer work with BCCHF and CCS .  Although my family will always support the miraculous research that saved our daughter’s life, it was really nice to take a year and not talk about cancer, to reconnect again with FOSS and the communities I’ve always loved , to find myself again.

2012 was  year filled with challenges, inspiration, adventure, and again ( oohhh so much)  learning .  Best of all,  2012 filled my life with inspiring, innovative, compassionate, creative and  cool people.

heart-icon YES,  2012 was all about people


The Drupal People

DrupalCON Denver was so much fun. I love conventions  (because I get to learn and meet people) and this was such a great one for all the Open Source goodness (made even better of course that Mitchell Baker was day #2 keynote).  I learned a lot, and  took  A LOT of notes. Open Michigan’s presentation of Open Badges –  actually their *entire OPEN site* is inspiring some of my own work at RRU.  Attending Bryan Ollendyke‘s BOF on  ELMS  had made Moodle harder to work with than ever before.  Following Bryan is a good way to follow Drupal in Education –  along with FunnyMonkey .

I attended a Angie Byron session even though it was for beginners, and even though I’ve heard most of that talk before because she is such a huge inspiration to me.  When things get crazy and even discouraging around women in Open Source I look to her as a reminder of all that is possible.

The Mozilla People

I’ve always wanted to visit Rome


Well, now you have somewhere to stay.

This was a very short conversation I had about Rome with a fellow Rep from Italy, yet one that profoundly reflects the community of Mozilla.  It took my breath away to be honest.

I had a lot of fun, learning with many, many Mozillians – really too many people to mention (MozFest post has more) but I’ll mention a couple for sure:

Thanks to Laura I started to believe I was actually teaching people and not just an ‘Educator wannabe’, Laura is also a kindred spirit of FOSS love.

Molly and I will never forget her  first day of grade 4, that she skipped…. to make the Lego Madlib video  Brett Gaylor, so fun –  feeling lucky many times over to have Brett in our corner.

I finally met Mark Surman.

Fellow Reps Iona, Alina  – Mozilla Women – already helping lead our #GenOpen project.

Fellow Rep Sayak Sakar, who no matter what time it is in India will meet you online (and has been for GenOpen)

Erik Vold – my  Fellow Victoria Rep –  I always spell his name wrong – 2013 will be for  ‘K’, and for finally coding together

The Royal Roads People

I share an office every day with  Carlos Chiarella, but only since he started talking about contributing to our local Webmaker group did I learn about his passion for math, and improving education around math.  I had no idea – looking forward his ideas around this.

Clint Lalonde has encouraged, inspired and been proponent to everything good that has happened with Webmaker in Victoria this year, such good fortune I get to work with(and for) him too.

Helen Lee, Yay for having a conspirator across the hallway, and a date for Hackerspace-hunting.  I’ll always remember how butterflies were landing on her as we tried to organize the Popcorn Hackjam – a good omen!

The Budding Webmaker/Hacker/Maker Community

Somehow I managed to get (many of) the smart people I love spending time with, running hackjams with, talking to, planning with and listening to into one spot for meetup #1.  Severe case of imposter syndrome sitting among them .   I’m excited to have Scott Leslie  participating , especially with all the energy he is bringing to hackerspace invention in Victoria.  Heather from CAGIS, is a biologist in our group – and I love that she’s coming at us knowing nothing about Webmaker, but knowing a LOT about science (good things will happen there I’m sure of it).   So many more names… a new year to introduce more.

Up Next

As New Year’s Resolutions go, mine would be to see GenOpen to success, and as a new Mozilla Reps Mentor – do all I can deserve the honour.

I hope I get to hang out with *all* of these people for another year.

Of course nothing is possible without the support and love of family – of which I am richly blessed.





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  1. Right back at you. I’ll really miss you (and the rest of the web team) when you move into your spanky new digs and are not at the end of the hall anymore sniff sniff. Here’s to a great 2013 & more hacking!

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