2012 was all about people

2012 was a pivotal year for me, as I allowed myself to step back from six years of volunteer work with BCCHF and CCS .  Although my family will always support the miraculous research that saved our daughter’s life, it was really nice to take a year and not talk about cancer, to reconnect again with FOSS and the communities I’ve always loved , to find myself again.

2012 was  year filled with challenges, inspiration, adventure, and again ( oohhh so much)  learning .  Best of all,  2012 filled my life with inspiring, innovative, compassionate, creative and  cool people.

heart-icon YES,  2012 was all about people


The Drupal People

DrupalCON Denver was so much fun. I love conventions  (because I get to learn and meet people) and this was such a great one for all the Open Source goodness (made even better of course that Mitchell Baker was day #2 keynote).  I learned a lot, and  took  A LOT of notes. Open Michigan’s presentation of Open Badges –  actually their *entire OPEN site* is inspiring some of my own work at RRU.  Attending Bryan Ollendyke‘s BOF on  ELMS  had made Moodle harder to work with than ever before.  Following Bryan is a good way to follow Drupal in Education –  along with FunnyMonkey .

I attended a Angie Byron session even though it was for beginners, and even though I’ve heard most of that talk before because she is such a huge inspiration to me.  When things get crazy and even discouraging around women in Open Source I look to her as a reminder of all that is possible.

The Mozilla People

I’ve always wanted to visit Rome


Well, now you have somewhere to stay.

This was a very short conversation I had about Rome with a fellow Rep from Italy, yet one that profoundly reflects the community of Mozilla.  It took my breath away to be honest.

I had a lot of fun, learning with many, many Mozillians – really too many people to mention (MozFest post has more) but I’ll mention a couple for sure:

Thanks to Laura I started to believe I was actually teaching people and not just an ‘Educator wannabe’, Laura is also a kindred spirit of FOSS love.

Molly and I will never forget her  first day of grade 4, that she skipped…. to make the Lego Madlib video  Brett Gaylor, so fun –  feeling lucky many times over to have Brett in our corner.

I finally met Mark Surman.

Fellow Reps Iona, Alina  – Mozilla Women – already helping lead our #GenOpen project.

Fellow Rep Sayak Sakar, who no matter what time it is in India will meet you online (and has been for GenOpen)

Erik Vold – my  Fellow Victoria Rep –  I always spell his name wrong – 2013 will be for  ‘K’, and for finally coding together

The Royal Roads People

I share an office every day with  Carlos Chiarella, but only since he started talking about contributing to our local Webmaker group did I learn about his passion for math, and improving education around math.  I had no idea – looking forward his ideas around this.

Clint Lalonde has encouraged, inspired and been proponent to everything good that has happened with Webmaker in Victoria this year, such good fortune I get to work with(and for) him too.

Helen Lee, Yay for having a conspirator across the hallway, and a date for Hackerspace-hunting.  I’ll always remember how butterflies were landing on her as we tried to organize the Popcorn Hackjam – a good omen!

The Budding Webmaker/Hacker/Maker Community

Somehow I managed to get (many of) the smart people I love spending time with, running hackjams with, talking to, planning with and listening to into one spot for meetup #1.  Severe case of imposter syndrome sitting among them .   I’m excited to have Scott Leslie  participating , especially with all the energy he is bringing to hackerspace invention in Victoria.  Heather from CAGIS, is a biologist in our group – and I love that she’s coming at us knowing nothing about Webmaker, but knowing a LOT about science (good things will happen there I’m sure of it).   So many more names… a new year to introduce more.

Up Next

As New Year’s Resolutions go, mine would be to see GenOpen to success, and as a new Mozilla Reps Mentor – do all I can deserve the honour.

I hope I get to hang out with *all* of these people for another year.

Of course nothing is possible without the support and love of family – of which I am richly blessed.