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My #Mozfest 2014

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As per usual, the Mozilla Festival was amazing.  I always find attending this event unofficially sets my course for the new year – and it’s already clear that will be the case again for 2015, as a result of Baroness Beeban Kidron’s keynote. “Young people must understand not only how the web works, but be aware of it’s purposes, it’s social outcomes, and they have to be participants in creating the web of the future.” “Parental controls do not work, do not build resilience and subsequently block the opportunity.” “Digital…read more

Open Hatch & Mozilla

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In recent years, I’ve organized loads of Webmaker events for youth.  And on the opposite end, I’ve also run  many hackathons for experienced engineers interested in contributing to open source, through my work at SocialCoding4Good. For just as long, I’ve noticed the absence of opportunity for higher education students to get involved, which is why I was so excited to partner with Open Hatch Comes to Campus for an event at the University of Victoria on October 18th. Open Source Comes to Campus is a one-day workshop to teach the…read more

Drupal and Open Badges Contribution Opportunity

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Cross-post of a blog I wrote for SocialCoding4Good.  I’m looking for a contributor to help me build a volunteer platform using Drupal+ Open Badges.  Development and contribution will focus on the  Drupal and Mozilla projects, and my offer to mentor the chosen contributor. More on the project and how to apply here.   mage credit:  infomatique

Community : What I’m Learning

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As long as I’ve  been an open source participant (since 2005), I’ve  rather tirelessly (and some might say annoyingly) encouraged others to also ‘get involved‘.   In the beginning this talk was straight forward:  I simply spoke a lot about learning, how much you can learn!  Who you can learn from,  who you can mentor, how much better the end-result can be when people work on something together. Open source contribution, can actually be a very simple path, but it gets more complex in practice as background, skill-set, values, and environment…read more

With Gratitude for Rahid

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Today was a really hard day. Today I learned that someone really wonderful, someone important and special in the Mozilla Reps community has tragically passed away. His name was Rahid Hasan. Rahid was a gentle soul, a bright bright smile, a treasured mentor, and a respected community leader . He was  also way more than these,  or any words can describe.  The genuineness of Rahid’s intentions was profound, and something to be witnessed.  I feel grateful to have just recently spent time with him, as part of the Mozilla Engagement…read more

Adventures in Portland (CLS & OSCON)

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I recently spent a week in Portland, attending the Community Leadership Summit, and OSCON .  Although a week is a bit long away from my family, it was  definitely well-spent investment in learning.  Most cherished, as always, was the opportunity meet and chat with so many inspiring people; I am fortunate to both work and contribute in the Open Source and Open Education spaces, which means that learning I do for one, benefits the other.  This was very true of this week where my role as Mozilla Rep merged with…read more

EduCask: A Social Media Network for Schools

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Today, I had the great opportunity to learn about an open source project being developed locally by Camosun graduates called ‘EduCask‘: a Social Media Sandbox for students, teachers and parents. Why am I so excited?  Because schools in British Columbia have nothing like this AT ALL (except perhaps the private schools, but that’s another topic).  Students at my daughter’s school work primarily with Microsoft documents or with Moodle for Q&A exercises; computers are loaded with one browser: Internet Explorer.  Many of these same kids go home, login to Facebook, Askme and…read more

Council Q&A + Video

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I’m hoping to help with the Mozilla Reps council this year.   I’ve actually wanted to for a while, but my schedule really hasn’t allowed me to consider it until  recently.  I’m not comfortable with the term ‘campaigning’, because I really do – just want to help.  Reps, and indeed Mozilla is in a really unique and important stage of growth, and I have a lot of ideas, energy and passion for a community which has given me so, so so much.  More than anything I want to hear from Reps…read more

North America Reps Meetup – Portland

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It was with great comfort,   after a difficult week for Mozilla that I joined the North America Reps  (USA and Canada) in Portland for a weekend of community building planning ( and hugs ). This was our second meetup, with some new faces, and new energy.  Exciting to see our tiny community starting to grow and strategize.   When I first became a Rep in early 2012 there were roughly  7 Reps in total between our two countries, while I counted 22 today.  I also suspect that number is…read more

Webmaker at the Open Data Summit 2014

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I was extremely honoured to present ‘Integrate Web Literacy with Mozilla Webmaker’ , at the Canadian Open Data this past February 20th, one day before Open Data Day.  The Open Data community has  been a collaborative partner of Mozilla in British Columbia for a couple of years now, and definitely kindred spirits in promoting openness and digital literacy. In 2013 our Mozilla community joined in for Open Data day at City Hall in Victoria BC.   Herb Lainchbury organized the adult hackathon, and we brought a group of youth to hack on…read more