The blogs I should have written (and a common thread)

I am behind by about 9 posts.  Rather than giving up the idea I’ll ever keep up – I’ve written  a summary of those things “I would have blogged, if I could have blogged, when I should have blogged!”

North American Mozilla Reps Meetup

As a result of attending the North America Reps meetup, I wanted to blog about:

  1. Community building in North America, why it’s important and my personal goals in this area.
  2. Why working in small isolated groups has been hard, and my hopes for Reps working together with goals focused on two main cities (Toronto & Portland)
  3. Connecting with Higher Ed , and my hopes for Firefox Ambassadors.
  4. How great it was that my husband was able to come with me to SF for a Mozilla weekend. (w/o kids for the 1st time in about 6 yrs)

RemoCamp Madrid


As a result of attending Remocamp Madrid (Mozilla Reps Mentors & Council, once-a-year meetup), I wanted to blog about:

  1.  ‘Community Building’ is what Reps do! What I think we can teach, and what we can aspire to get better at.  Check out our ‘Building Communities’ bright yellow construction vests ;)
  2. The goals of the NA meetup aligned very well with most priorities set in Madrid, which was empowering.
  3.  I’m getting better at traveling long distances for short periods of time !
  4. That term ‘Scootch-in’ does not translate outside of  North America. :D

Mozilla Summit

Next month!  I want to blog about how excited I about the Summit, and especially my recent role helping lead the Toronto’s Science Fair.  I don’t need to blog about that though, because David Boswell already did .  If you’re interested in participating we have a registration form up!


Mozfest was such a crazy-inspirational experience last year,  to say I am excited to go back is an understatement. Would love to blog about plans Dumitru and I have for our Mozfest Session but it will probably have to wait until we’re all done and can share not only our experience but some awesome hacktivty kits for empowering youth  to be safe online.


I’m not sure I have enough time in the day to evaluate all I’ve learned helping lead this initiative – born of an idea to encourage online collaborative learning .  I’ve not only learned a lot about what it means to attempt a volunteer-led project in Mozilla, but (probably more) about setting personal limits, and recognizing the limitations of others. The hard lesson has been realizing  ‘enthusiasm’ should never be evaluated as intent, or commitment.  I am taking a break from this project until the new year, knowing there are some others stepping up to experiment a bit more.


My goals of growing a community here in Victoria , really – well …they didn’t fall flat, but as of yet has not ignited.  +1 to GenOpen lesson:  “‘enthusiasm’ should never be evaluated as intent, or commitment” was learned here as well.

Despite running train-the-trainer events, and pairing with Open Data folks *and* despite a (what originally looked optimistic) attempt to run a Hive Popup at a local Makers event I can’t say we’re any further ahead this year than last year.  I see the emerging community building goals of  Mozilla, Mozilla Reps and Firefox ambassadors, North America Reps priority on Higher Ed  relationships  – as organic ways to grow web literacy in our community.  Somehow, this has to be easier.

A Common Thread

A common thread in all of this is ‘community matters’, nurturing the existing community matters even more . North America’s community is small,  working with universities, leveraging the Firefox Ambassadors program and targeting growth in specific areas *together* matters.  It matters that employees and contributors cross paths often, and support each other – often.  It matters for Webmaker that the path to collaboration both online appears simple.  I think the Summit will launch these ideas in a big way. Looking forward, in all ways…to growing Mozilla in 2014.


Finally, I want to leave you with this cool (slightly fuzzy) photo of all the ‘flags’ represented in Madrid at our meetup.  I feel incredibly honoured to have been among such amazing, brilliant and dedicated people.