Drupal and Open Badges Contribution Opportunity

Cross-post of a blog I wrote for SocialCoding4Good.  I’m looking for a contributor to help me build a volunteer platform using Drupal+ Open Badges.  Development and contribution will focus on the  Drupal and Mozilla projects, and my offer to mentor the chosen contributor. More on the project and how to apply here.   mage credit: 


Edu #Drupal Unconsortium

    I highly recommend that anyone interested in open source, open education,  collaboration between universities, the future of higher education, Drupal, Moodle –  innovation in general , watch the video  presentation by Zach Chandler (Stanford University), Brian Wood (UC Berkley),  and Shaun DeArmond at DrupalCon Portland this week. (at the end of this blog

Common Threads of Contribution (if you ask me anyway…)

Recently, I’ve given a lot of thought to the ‘common threads’ of contribution as they relate to my own experiences (Software/Open Source + community volunteering). I feel so strongly that volunteering(‘contribution’) is something everyone should attempt if their lives allow it. I say this, not with a pointed finger but with a heart filled by

Drupal Popcorn module, mozparty goodness, freaking-out over mozfest (I’m going!)

I’ve never been so absorbed…so completely immersed in an Open Source/community project as I have with Mozilla Webmaker, and most recently Popcorn .  This extends  to work with Drupal  & Popcorn.js that I am very dedicated to (but has been getting the backseat some other things taking priority) Code-commit was scheduled tonight for my Drupal