2012 was all about people

2012 was a pivotal year for me, as I allowed myself to step back from six years of volunteer work with BCCHF and CCS .  Although my family will always support the miraculous research that saved our daughter’s life, it was really nice to take a year and not talk about cancer, to reconnect again[…]


DrupalCON Day 2 1/2

I am only  half way through today, and completely overloaded with information.  As of this moment there have been about THREE distinct initiatives/projects that I’ve felt compelled to contribute to.  As impossible as that is with my schedule, there is one, FOR SURE, that I will definitely find time for  (and perhaps bring to our[…]

DrupalCON Day 1

The main reason I came for this day (Monday) was for the Drupal Hackathon , seemed like a great opportunity to learn & meet people.  And it was.. but not quite the passionate coding I had hoped for. The GOOD: The group I choose to participate with was led by a University developer, and in[…]