Running a Webmaker Event (Popcorn)

This weekend, I had the great opportunity to chat with some other Mozilla Reps organizing hackjams, specifically this time using Popcorn Maker (yay), and so during the process of this conversation I realized how much I had gone through, learned, considered and maybe…not documented so well.  This is my  first attempt at that.  As a


Mozilla Popcorn Hackjam (#mozparty in review and looking ahead)

A room full of smart, cool kids paired with brilliant volunteers and web-changing technology = Victoria’s Popcorn Hackjam  (Make sure you checkout the link above to see the cool Popcorn projects our kids created) There are a few things I wish could have gone better…(paper popcorn/storyboarding – didn’t really translate with our event video /

Drupal Popcorn module, mozparty goodness, freaking-out over mozfest (I’m going!)

I’ve never been so absorbed…so completely immersed in an Open Source/community project as I have with Mozilla Webmaker, and most recently Popcorn .  This extends  to work with Drupal  & Popcorn.js that I am very dedicated to (but has been getting the backseat some other things taking priority) Code-commit was scheduled tonight for my Drupal