Open Data Day – Hackathon (#yyj)

International Open Data Day is Saturday February 23rd! Victoria’s event will be held at Victoria City Hall Antechamber Room. Registration for volunteers, serious hackers, and younger Webmakers can all be done through our Eventbrite registration page! Lunch is provided. The full agenda is on the Open Data Day Wiki page, and our group’s portion will


Mozilla Popcorn Hackjam (#mozparty in review and looking ahead)

A room full of smart, cool kids paired with brilliant volunteers and web-changing technology = Victoria’s Popcorn Hackjam  (Make sure you checkout the link above to see the cool Popcorn projects our kids created) There are a few things I wish could have gone better…(paper popcorn/storyboarding – didn’t really translate with our event video /

Victoria Kids Hack Jam! It happened, it was awesome…we learned some things too

So after two months of preparation we finally reached June 23rd: the first day of Mozilla Summer of Code , and our participating event: Victoria Kids Hackjam – Hackasaurus! 30 Kids, 30 computers, 8 fabulous volunteers later I have to say it went really well.  The lab, donated by the University of Victoria was beautiful. 

Serious Cat meet Sirius Black

Most of my ‘stolen-time’ (I don’t think I actually have any identifiable ‘free time’) recently has been following & participating in the swell of Education Technology, Web Literacy and everything in between.  It seems as though conversation about open education, digital literacy and the state of traditional education has suddenly erupted. Or maybe I just