Mozilla Thimble – Test Drive of Happiness

In the last few years I’ve learned a ton about what helps people learn, where they get stuck and how to customize learning for various ages, interests and attention-spans. When ‘teaching the web’ for kids as young as eight all the way up to university students there’s always some level of trouble-shooting and  tinkering to


Open Hatch & Mozilla

In recent years, I’ve organized loads of Webmaker events for youth.  And on the opposite end, I’ve also run  many hackathons for experienced engineers interested in contributing to open source, through my work at SocialCoding4Good. For just as long, I’ve noticed the absence of opportunity for higher education students to get involved, which is why

EduCask: A Social Media Network for Schools

Today, I had the great opportunity to learn about an open source project being developed locally by Camosun graduates called ‘EduCask‘: a Social Media Sandbox for students, teachers and parents. Why am I so excited?  Because schools in British Columbia have nothing like this AT ALL (except perhaps the private schools, but that’s another topic).  Students

#teactheweb week 3 (Open Web)

I’ve spent the last three weeks floating around the Webmaker MOOC as a ‘Super Mentor’, I believe there are about 90 of us with this title – mentors with various backgrounds, interests and experience helping make the #teachtheweb experience a great one.  So far the makes, remixes, conversations, blogs, and various contributions have been incredible.