Firefox OS App Day

Learning about Firefox OS, with the goal of contributing to/writing apps-for  AND teaching Firefox OS has been high on my bucket list! Vancouver’s event was hosted at The Hive, and included some really great talks (which were worth the trip on their own), including Angelina Fabbro ,  Allen Pike and John Boxall.  My mobile development


Talk to kids about The Web and help #GenOpen

#GenOpen (‘Generation Open’!)  needs your help! This spring we’ll be gathering kids and youth from all over the world to collaborate on the first Open Source project created and directed entirely by youth.  They’ll learn how easy it can be to contribute to an Open Source project, while making something really cool in collaboration with

Mozilla Reps Global Webmaker Project : Kids + Youth Open Source

      At least this is the proposal so far… Looking at the Mozparty Map, I see potential to build something big together, with kids, youth, parents and with the support of mentors running those events.  I see opportunity to touch on pretty much ALL of the Web Literacies , while  encouraging participation in

Common Threads of Contribution (if you ask me anyway…)

Recently, I’ve given a lot of thought to the ‘common threads’ of contribution as they relate to my own experiences (Software/Open Source + community volunteering). I feel so strongly that volunteering(‘contribution’) is something everyone should attempt if their lives allow it. I say this, not with a pointed finger but with a heart filled by

Victoria Kids Hack Jam! It happened, it was awesome…we learned some things too

So after two months of preparation we finally reached June 23rd: the first day of Mozilla Summer of Code , and our participating event: Victoria Kids Hackjam – Hackasaurus! 30 Kids, 30 computers, 8 fabulous volunteers later I have to say it went really well.  The lab, donated by the University of Victoria was beautiful. 

Serious Cat meet Sirius Black

Most of my ‘stolen-time’ (I don’t think I actually have any identifiable ‘free time’) recently has been following & participating in the swell of Education Technology, Web Literacy and everything in between.  It seems as though conversation about open education, digital literacy and the state of traditional education has suddenly erupted. Or maybe I just