Council Q&A + Video

I’m hoping to help with the Mozilla Reps council this year.   I’ve actually wanted to for a while, but my schedule really hasn’t allowed me to consider it until  recently.  I’m not comfortable with the term ‘campaigning’, because I really do – just want to help.  Reps, and indeed Mozilla is in a really unique and important stage of growth, and I have a lot of ideas, energy and passion for a community which has given me so, so so much.  More than anything I want to hear from Reps about what matters most to their communities, the cohesiveness of Reps as a whole, and how I can help. I keep ‘Open Office‘ hours, so you can sign up to chat with me in person as well as by email and IRC.

Council asked us to make a video, which here you go – complete with children who simply will not let me make a video uninterrupted!  That’s how it is .

Here also are my Q&A responses for community.