Drupal Behaviors –

I was new to Drupal Behaviors (Drupal 7) and spent the last couple of days trying to sort out an issue.

ISSUE :   click events, were not ‘seeing’ new DOM elements changed through AJAX.

NON-DRUPAL WORLD: I would use live() delegate() or on()  (depending on jQuery version) with document.load()

After much wrestling , I was able to get the delegate() function working with Drupal.behaviors:

Drupal.behaviors.mymod= {
attach: function (context, settings) {
$("div").delegate(".block.help-find-something .select-menu li", "click", function(){

And so I was able to stay ‘in Drupal’.  I haven’t seen any other examples like this in my searching so wanted to share.  If this violates some sacred Drupal rule, I appologize in advance and thanks for letting me know.  Until then… maybe it will help someone else .