DrupalCON Day 1

The main reason I came for this day (Monday) was for the Drupal Hackathon , seemed like a great opportunity to learn & meet people.  And it was.. but not quite the passionate coding I had hoped for.


  • The group I choose to participate with was led by a University developer, and in fact everyone was from a university.   So, this was a great opportunity to hear more about what other institutions are using ( I have a list of notes to research)
  • I got to learn more about Tropo, and how it can be integrated into a Drupal module (what other modules might be needed).

The MEH:

  • We were all hacking on a single person’s (very brilliant) idea, and it seemed that there were 3 or 4 (of 7) of us who really didn’t have much to do.  I’m not sure that could have been different given there were really only two major coding components and we were all developers (we needed a them-er!).

In hindsite  – next time I’ll bring an idea myself :)

The sponsor fair was awesome!  So many Drupal names I know and love – saw some famous Drupalistas, a giant Drupal balloon  – and of course swag, lots of swag :)  Tonight my Drupalgangers (Patrick & Violet) arrive – which is good as I haven’t been away from Violet this long before!

Tomorrow will be super busy, and will update afterwards.

In between my morning (wasted trying to get PHP/APACHE working on my Mac without MAMP) and the Hackathon I made it up to the Denver/Colorado State Capital building which was definitely worth seeing.  Beautiful building – and quite the experience to be there while government was in session debating a bill.  I shared an elevator with a senator, and later a lobbyist (for organizations I’ve never heard of).  Glad I stole a moment to tour.

Here is my Picassa Album of DrupalCON Denver, I’ll update it every day as best I can !