DrupalCON Day 2 1/2

I am only  half way through today, and completely overloaded with information.  As of this moment there have been about THREE distinct initiatives/projects that I’ve felt compelled to contribute to.  As impossible as that is with my schedule, there is one, FOR SURE, that I will definitely find time for  (and perhaps bring to our team at RRU).

I sat through a pre-keynote presentation, that was actually a bit odd but enjoyable as a result. A bug in the presentation code, resulted in an unplanned,  live debugging of a HTML5 issue.  Communications class can’t prepare you for the moment you are standing infront of 1000+ of your peers with open source code, trying to restart your presentation!

1. Dries Keynote was compelling.  Drupal 8, Symphony, Mobile-is-the-future, community, innovation.  Joining in with the Drupal 8 development seemed an obvious thing to do afterwards.

2. ELMS BOF   Education, Open Education – learning – these are subjects I am drawn to for some obvious reasons (I work in higher ed) but also because the amount of change and innovation in Education Technology.  There is SO MUCH going on, and I learned a lot in this BoF.

Bryan Ollendyke from Penn State has been doing some incredible work with the ELMS module, and I was in LOVE with what he’s done so far.  ELM does much of what Moodle does with courses, surveys, quizes, students with a rich set of tools for …SO MUCH.  I want to work with this, not Moodle.  There I said it.  Too much to type in this small slot before the next session.  Enough to say,  this was the 2nd project I wanted to contribute to because  I could see the potential based on the little I saw and because of the Drupal community itself.  I believe it can go far, further than Moodle – faster.  Better.

I also made a ton of notes on development tools (among others) to research when I get back.

3.  Mozilla Open Badges, Drupal, Trends in Higher Education  This picked up where the ELMS session left off.  I’m already very interested in, and participating with  the Mozilla initiatives for Web Making and Open Learning.  Mozilla Badges have been interesting to me, although I haven’t been quite clear until today on exactly how this would work.    Michigan has been developing a Drupal Module for Open Badges – I want to contribute to this project, and actually there is talk of hacking the code here at Drupalcon later in the evening – and I hope to be there for that.  (hashtag #Drupaled

So far 3 places I want to help, but the badges development really has my interest.

I wanted to write this down before I start my next session on Mobile Essentials for Drupal.   I have a much larger list of projects, development links, questions to-self, wth-items that I’ll research once my brain has time to digest.