EduCask: A Social Media Network for Schools

Today, I had the great opportunity to learn about an open source project being developed locally by Camosun graduates called ‘EduCask‘: a Social Media Sandbox for students, teachers and parents.

Why am I so excited?  Because schools in British Columbia have nothing like this AT ALL (except perhaps the private schools, but that’s another topic).  Students at my daughter’s school work primarily with Microsoft documents or with Moodle for Q&A exercises; computers are loaded with one browser: Internet Explorer.  Many of these same kids go home, login to Facebook, Askme and a variety of other social networks, where they learn and fail in real-time permanency.    I’m pretty vocal on this subject, and that simply put –  parents and teachers need to raise the volume on the need for digital & web literacy studies as part of  regular curriculum.  We are failing our kids right now. We would never challenge a driver’s exam without practical experience actually driving a car; that we don’t have this same practical time for digital skills scares me.  I have a lot of hope when I see initiatives like this being built by students who know the subject better than anyone else.

<Gets off Soapbox>

Anyway,  I had lunch with Keegan who is one of the developers on this project and was excited to learn we may launch this in local schools.  Although they have a bit of work to finish before having a fully functioning demo, I know they would love feedback on how software like this can help schools empower teachers, parents and students to become better citizens of the web.  If you are a developer, I know they would love your feedback and contribution especially.


I am also so proud to support this open education/open source initiative local to the Victoria/Sooke area, and will share more on their work as it progresses.