Firefox OS App Day

firefoxOS-app-days_sticker Learning about Firefox OS, with the goal of contributing to/writing apps-for  AND teaching Firefox OS has been high on my bucket list!

Vancouver’s event was hosted at The Hive, and included some really great talks (which were worth the trip on their own), including Angelina FabbroAllen Pike and John Boxall.  My mobile development experience has been limited to tinkering, and so it was with great excitement that I found myself learning  responsive design and performance best practices for mobile.

We spent the better part of the afternoon hacking away, and the first thought was how super-easy it was to get going.  Basically having the Firefox OS Simulator add-on and following a few instructions we were all up and hacking on a sample pretty quickly.

I mean seriously SO EASY.  I didn’t come with a project planned, and so Googled for a random JS library to test out, and found fabric.js and this demo. As a parent… I download a lot of apps for kids , with bubbles that pop, and other random effects and so my focus was on something the kids would like.  I wish I could linked to the finished project, but it’s not done yet!   I will share when I have it , but suffice to say it was fun and I got it.  Web developers with and without mobile experience will GET Firefox OS development.  It’s the web.

I wasn’t able to stay for demos, given the long trip home but I would say overall it was a great experience.  The only unsettling thing about Firefox OS days was the almost complete absence of women, I would say there were about 50 developers in attendance – with only 2 women (of course a 3rd was rocking the speakers podium, but still….)  Why is that?  Where are the women?   There is a side-conversation in Mozilla Reps channel about making events more friendly for women  – including minimally having women’s T-shirts (which was a complaint on OS days from from a non-mozilla IRC).  It seems to me, that at least *appearing* to expect women at our tech events, is a good way to encourage them (Actually the Drupal community has done a great job recently in this area).  Basically missing women = missing contributors.

In the meantime – my husband has another groovy Mozilla T-shirt!

Anyway aside from finishing the stick-man project, my goals around this  will (obviously) be teaching app making to youth, probably demo at our local Webmaker group in the near future and just be a fan-girl of the whole FireFox OS thing, because it’s going to change everything.