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Back in December I wrote a blog post about creating a single collaborative (youth) open source project as a way to connect all of those map markers on the Mozparty Map. The idea was inspired youth at Mozfest who wanted to create a collaborative project on the web, and by my own life-changing experiences contributing to open source communities (like Mozilla).

It seems that empowering youth in technology(Webmaker) through collaboration (open source) was something a lot of friends (Mozilla Reps and MoFo) were willing to get behind and so we’ve been meeting every couple of weeks since early December evolving this idea.

This support has been important because no one really knows what a project like this should look like;it hasn’t been done before and it’s easy to let doubt creep in – shout out to the incredible, smart, passionate people who have helped bring ‘Generation Open’ this far, all on donated time.

Anyway…. here we are and a few things have changed… No longer looking at a ‘single’ project, but rather a portal to many collaborative youth projects; a place where educators and youth can find a project and get involved; a framework for starting new projects. We’re two days from launching the website, five days from Open Education Week, and slightly less than three weeks away from launching a Moz Reps alpha/test run of a collaborative webmaker project. All of which I will blog about more in the coming weeks, and you can learn more about in our weekly calls.

Next One: March 11th 8:00 PST 

If you can’t make the call, but are interested in helping please use the contact tab on my blog to contact me! Or post to the Reps Webmaker List.

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pss – so pardon brief/choppy review –  I haven’t had much sleep in the last week thanks to the awesome Webmaker Training Days and (less fun) having a sick child

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