Hacking with Ecole Poirier Gr 3 class

I’m in Denver for Drupalcon right now, but wanted to contribute a quick Mozilla blog item for my recent Hacksaurus class.

To be clear, I just love teaching these classes of kids – I love taking my box of Mozilla swag (stickers and buttons) and just talking about computers & programming with kids. It’s really so easy, those kids with no experience on the web are just as interested, and just as capable (at this age – 8/9). My project GOAL however, is focused on creating Victoria’s first Hack-fest (first with Hacksaurus but then extending to Scratch, Popcorn where it seems fitting).  Update at the end of the month on that.

This most recent school group was interesting and unique as usual. Some comments:

” I want to learn to hack my dad’s computer! ” (firm lecture on good vrs bad hacking)

” you get to do this for your work? I’m jealous – I want to hack code when I grow up” (a 8 yr old girl!)

” Mrs Irwin, thank you for teaching me to hack, I really liked hacking “

I found the kids liked saying ‘hack’ a lot… lol

The limitation of this group is that we only had TWO laptops, and so two groups slowly took turns, first changing text and then adding images. The 1st group was a group of ‘individuals’ who added their own thoughts and words to the online local newspaper: http://poof.hksr.us/nqatewad

The second group was collaborative (this is just how it worked out by the way, I didn’t direct it) changing the school site to Hogwarts. The sad story was that this group worked on their page for over an hour, until someone pressed refresh and accepted a redirect prompt..and all work was lost! I was so sad for this group… and I’ve been wondering how I could have avoided it. If even hacksaurus could have an auto-save-draft kind of thing.

I wish I could share photos of the event, but with privacy & parental permissions it’s just not possible for me to do so.  Huge success though, and my favourite part is the young girl who wants to be a programmer when she grows up.