Misery Loves Popcorn

Last 3 days of my vacation and I’ve caught a nasty summer cold – ugh!  But also oh well, at least I’m home and can spend some time taking care of myself – hanging out.  We had a great time away, and it’s nice to be home.

Being forced to lay around, gave me opportunity to review a concept I’ve had kicking around in my head about developing a Drupal Module for Mozilla Popcorn.  I’ve already worked through some Popcorn Tutorials, checked out the Popcorn Maker Source – and played with template-creation.  And I’ve read a lot of documentation.  I also talked to kreynen who has started a Popcorn module.  His module so far includes the JS library.

I mean…this all started as just ‘me learning what I need for our next hackjam in Victoria (this time with Popcorn).  I didn’t really know much about video editing, or about this JS library but I knew it was cool and unique and down the rabbit hole I went!  There’s a LOT to know, but it’s also very intuitive and very fun I must say.  As a video-newbie, I’ve been stumped along the way figuring out simple things like converting video to different formats (using my iphone for recording videos (MOV))  => still need an open source way to conver MOV to mp4 if you know of one.

As a Drupal developer, I started  playing around with this concept of a Popcorn / Drupal module leveraging the Drupal video.js module:

The proof of concept is here: http://tiptoes.ca/drupal-popcorn/node/3 but it only works in Firefox right now (webm).

  • Allow administrators to define content types with video fields , also have (Popcorn) fields that interact with that video.
  • A Popcorn Field is a Drupal Field Module
  • A Drupal Field Module represents a Popcorn Plugin  . And so, for example the popcornwikepdia field module would allow administrators to provide a start/end/src/title for a video.

Issues I need to resolve to make-it-so

  • Allow Ajax-multiples of one type  (so content editors can create more than one wikepedia interaction for example)
  • Save node-specific JS to DB (POC only has one hard-coded file)
  • Read up on best-practices for including node-specific JS for Drupal
  • Create a master? popcornmodule to eventually handle things like events which are also coming soon from popcorn.js and may be more general to all plugins.
  • Maybe just create a wrapper of some sort (and not individual modules)

Hoping to work with other Drupal developers on this. I think this is a great one for HIgher Education  and accessibility.  Might also be fun to have this ready for our #mozparty event…but maybe that’s a bit ambitious, yes much !   Back to being sick…