Mozilla Guides Call – Nov 19, 2014

In an effort to make the call more accessible to other timezones we had an early call (7AM PST) today.


We covered a few things I want to highlight:

Guides Update

Guides continues to get busier, and as we’ve had an expected drop-off of Guides from our original group, I want to thank those who are really championing the development and leadership so far in Guides

    • David Teller
    • Vesper Diziewonski
    • Ioana Chiorean
    • Julien G
    • Stefan (Costenslayer)
    • Jennie Rose Halprin
    • Abhishek Potnis
    • Saurabh
    • Diane

With a special shout-out to Ioana, who swept in and saved the day with our many QA questions – Thanks Ioana!

We have more and more people coming through, so building workflows is important – special shout-out to David for helping coders get on the proper pathways, those associated with the Get Involved Page, but also through ‘What can I do for Mozilla‘.

We continue to share success stories, including Jennie’s Journalism group which has started to function even outside of her prompts to get involved, which is fantastic.  We were fortunate to have Jennie on our call, to share some of her experiences.  Thanks Jennie!

I’m thrilled to see more Guides taking the lead in inviting participation through sharing of events and news including Open Science, because the ‘invitation’ to participate is made much clearer through opportunities (vrs not  waiting to be asked).

Guides is very connected in spirit to SUMO, so we’re collaborating closely on how our two areas can work together, and sharing mentoring best practices. Of course if you have questions about contributing to SUMO you can ask in Guides Forum for Helping Users.


A few updates in Discourse.

  • We Split Testing for FIrefox and Firefox OS into two Categories.
  • Added additional headers (New) and (Unread) to help everyone recognize new and unanswered posts.
  • I’ve started posting Guide Call updates,  in the Guides Forum (moderator access needed to view), so as not to email huge lists of people .
  • We have a Bug submitted to setup a Dev instance of Discourse so we can test .
  • We also covered a ‘Best Practice’ for sharing responded to repeated questions with a single answer.  All Discourse Forum posts have ‘links’  and so instead of cutting and pasting text, adding the link to responses will all direct to a single place.  The benefit of course, is that should you need to update your answer, you only have to do it on one place.

    Link Posts

We also added a new category ‘Open Source’, aimed at helping answer questions about the tools, culture and philosophy of working in open source , and Mozilla.  We had a good discussion about perhaps creating a few training missions to get started ( Create Bugzilla Account, IRC Cirriculum) among other things.  I’ll be working on this next week.


We reviewed the Logo proposals by the very talented Elio Qoshi.  You can find his mockups here, I sent him some feedback which generally came down to the blue compass or the red torch.   We’ll vote on this in the next week.

Guides Resources as Mozilla Learning Resources

Every Guide needs to read this blog post from Christie on the Learning Resources Wiki, *this* is where we will be adding resources for our functional areas.  Please take time to add resources for your functional area, or add them to this Etherpad where I will be collecting my own list.  This is a really exciting opportunity to

  1. Avoid duplication of links
  2. Design quality resources through collaboration between functional areas and community.
  3. Align Contribution with Web Literacy – contributing is learning by doing – and contributors do become more web literate as a result of helping Mozilla.  Let’s make raise the profile of that.


We’re very busy answering questions and improving workflow, feedback is very much appreciated.  In addition to the requets for a Dev Discourse to play with, we’re awaiting an opportunity to evaluate Kit Herder (thanks amazing Community IT!)  , for mentoring matches.


Photo Image Credit: M0les