Mozilla Reps Council AMA

Cross-post of Majken Conner’s invitation to participate in the first Mozilla Reps Council AMA.  Come ask us questions this Thursday!

This Thursday, launching during the Reps call, council will be doing a 24h
AMA. They’ll be using Discourse, so you only need your Persona account, no
need to sign up to Reddit to post. You won’t need to log in to read the AMA.

For those of you that haven’t done an AMA before, AMA stands for “Ask Me
Anything.“, made popular by the SubReddit. It’s a way to get to know someone, usually a way to find out
what it’s like to have a certain job. The AMA is your chance to get to know
the individual council members as people, and also to understand what it’s
like to actually be on council. Silly questions are ok, if you’ve always
wanted to know what Emma’s favorite colour is, now’s your chance to ask!
Remember to be respectful though, don’t ask something that will probably
make someone uncomfortable.

They’ll be keeping track of suggestions and discussions that should be
continued outside of the AMA so that they aren’t lost when the event is
over. Debates over problems with the program or changes to how it should be
run will need more than 24 hours and deserve to be highlighted properly.

The AMA will take place here – (you’ll be able
to access it on Thursday)

To ask a new question you should start a new topic. Discourse admins will
be on-hand to help split out sub-conversations into new threads.

If you want to ask all of council a question, you can address them by
typing @repscouncil – Discourse editor will substitute this text with their
individual usernames.  You can also use @ to address a single council
member, @emma_irwin will notify Emma that you’re addressing her

I don’t believe the entire council will be available at once, but we should
have at least 1 council member available at any time over the full 24h to
make sure responses come quickly.

Please help me build an FAQ by asking any questions you have here – – and add +1 to any
questions you had that are already listed.

image credit: Ed Schipul