Mozilla Reps Global Webmaker Project : Kids + Youth Open Source




At least this is the proposal so far…

Looking at the Mozparty Map, I see potential to build something big together, with kids, youth, parents and with the support of mentors running those events.  I see opportunity to touch on pretty much ALL of the Web Literacies , while  encouraging participation in a global Open Source project.   A single project connecting all of us – and  an outcome that could reflect a lot of what Webmaker is all about.

As a long-time contributor and participant in Open projects (Drupal, Moodle and now Mozilla Webmaker),  I would describe Open Source  (opportunity to collaborate and contribute) as possibly the best way to learn (and get better at) coding, design, architecture, (and a lot of  the Web Literacies) because your collaborators want you to succeed.   Mentoring ‘happens’, learning ‘happens’ and as a result of a shared passion.  That passion also gets us through less-fun stuff like, bug fixing.

After bringing up (what seemed like a crazy idea at first) with my fellow Mozilla Reps, we have collaborated (of course!) on what a single Open Source Mozparty Project like this might look like.  Here is the general sense of where we are going so far (see Etherpad link at the end of this blog to contribute).

A Single collaborative open source Webmaker Project where contributors are youth/kids.  Made Possible through Global Mozparties (any Webmaker event big or small, run by a Rep or not). Contribution pieces range in focus, complexity and size (as with all Open Source projects).   Range includes coders, photographers, designers, writers.  Equal focus on problem solving/inventing, online communication.  Forkable/Remixable via GitHub.  Learning Badging opportunity (although 13+ privacy for Open Badges throws that a bit).  Open Source Ethos (community, responsibility, decision making, etiquette, standards)

Sheparded by MozReps as well as organizations around the world interested in spreading digital and web literacies.

Documented steps for creating a collaborative Webmaker project.

Localization wherever possible



Inspiration for this idea also came from the Mozilla Festival,  Global Action Project – Timeline.  They wanted to build something, BUT equally so, they wanted others to participate and contribute to a shared vision.  How should they do that?  It’s been making me a bit crazy trying to figure out what would work ‘best’ for them – and I went through a few ideas of  equally as crazy Thimble Widgets  until realizing what *seems* to be missing is the knowledge for how to start an open project, and then the experiment of making it work.


So, there are currently two parts  (actually this could be broken down into many, many – lets leave it high level for now. :

  1. Framework for the above (launch, connect, collaborate, goals)
  2. A project idea  (after listening to Mark Surman’s outline for 2013 – a project theme of ‘Animate the Web’ seems a good goal.

How to get Involved

  1. Add your thoughts and ideas to this Etherpad.

  2. Add your ID to the Etherpad if you’re interested in collaborating (in anyway)
  3. Join the Google Group for his project!
  4. Join our weekly calls (next on Jan 3rd)