With Gratitude for Rahid

Today was a really hard day.

Today I learned that someone really wonderful, someone important and special in the Mozilla Reps community has tragically passed away.

His name was Rahid Hasan. Rahid was a gentle soul, a bright bright smile, a treasured mentor, and a respected community leader . He was  also way more than these,  or any words can describe.  The genuineness of Rahid’s intentions was profound, and something to be witnessed.  I feel grateful to have just recently spent time with him, as part of the Mozilla Engagement Offsite. I don’t think anyone in attendance will forget his lightening talk, where he shone a proud light on the success of his community.  His enthusiasm was contagious.

I’ve always marveled at how Mozilla’s mission unites such diversity of language, geography, political leanings – how we get right to work around a shared vision despite those differences. I’ve  always thought of this as working from a similar core – putting differences aside .  Through Rahid’s passing,  I’ve come to see more clearly,  that our connection as a community includes and embraces all of those differences;  We invest in each other as a global community; valuing each  unique perspective, as we do our common bonds.     I feel our Mozilla Reps community is an extension of our  own families as a result, it’s why Rahid’s passing is so painful.  I hope there is some comfort to his family, that even when he was away from home, he was with us: cared for and valued.

I will most fondly remember Rahid, for the opportunity to hear about Bangladesh through his eyes, for the laughs and the inspiration, for the Karoke. I will also forgive him for calling me ‘MozMom’;  knowing also that was an honour. :)  I have a wooden parrot, brought to me by Rahid from Maliha also of Bangladesh.  It hangs now on our front porch, facing the West Coast forest,  a reminder of an extended family.


I am grateful tonight for all he has taught me about community, about friendship and our Mozilla Reps Family.  We will miss you so much Rahid, thank you for enriching our lives.

My deepest sympathies to his family and to the Bangladesh community.

I will never forget that smile.