North America Reps Meetup – Portland

It was with great comfort,   after a difficult week for Mozilla that I joined the North America Reps  (USA and Canada) in Portland for a weekend of community building planning ( and hugs ). This was our second meetup, with some new faces, and new energy.  Exciting to see our tiny community starting to grow and strategize.   When I first became a Rep in early 2012 there were roughly  7 Reps in total between our two countries, while I counted 22 today.  I also suspect that number is about to climb by a few in the coming weeks.

I was super-excited to be able to invite Portland community to our Friday night Cantina, which meant I finally got meet Bill Fitzgerald. I know Bill from Open Education, Drupal and possibly a few other areas but also Webmaker. I’m so glad he and a few others were able to join us, with a goal of making community invitations part of how we plan.  Which reminds me we may need  help in OSCON :|


We’re carefully nurturing and testing a strategy for growth, and engagement with the support of the Community Building team who I love. Seriously – feeling empowered by response and care coming from this area of the project – thank you Larissa, David, Christie (among others).

One priority I am most excited about is that Vancouver & Victoria (combined) have been identified as a Priority focus areas ( Portland is the other)  for NA Reps efforts..  I think we can help build-out and document what growing a local community looks like.  Promise to share as we go.

Finally, a standout experience was that as a group ,we were able to participate in and give feedback for the Diversity Team’s workshop: Diversity Identity Core Engagement (DICE) Workshop, led by Lukas Blakk .  Timely, relevant, thoughtful.  I highly suggest for other Reps and community-leads consider this workshop in leading Mozillian conversation on those core-value brings us all together – and how as we move away from that core –  to the outer layers of ourselves, those parts become relevant to our work.  I hope to run one or more of these workshops soon in Vancouver.

Pro-Tip for Portland:  Visit Powell’s Books – Book nerd heaven.


Also I got a badge: