(in which I ramble on about all the things I don’t really have time to blog about, but should!)

After returning from vacation, so much has happened.   We started planning our Victoria Popcorn Hackjam.  We weren’t able to obtain donated space from Royal Roads which I had hoped so much for.  Imagine all the fun possible making stories in or and around Hatley Castle .  Oh well!

Fortunately the University of Victoria stepped up again – and donated their beautiful lab.   Our event is a particpant in the ‘Mozilla Summer of Code Party‘ and ‘Experience Tectoria‘ for ages 12-16 .  I also sent in a proposal to present on the topic of Webmaking and Digital Literacy during Experience Tectoria, but not sure they’re going to take me up on it…

Kids and Volunteers can Register HERE !

We also had an offer of space from the Victoria Library, with additional interest in not only donating space but in the Digital literacy /Webmaker program.  Hoping to follow up with them soon (more time in the day would be nice ) . I can see so much potential for libraries! (Clint might be able to move this in the right direction – which would be awesome)

This month, I had the honour of meeting moviemaker, and  Mozilla Popcorn Director : Brett Gaylor, who happens to live in Victoria!   Community is always a big part of why I love Open Source, there are so many smart, interesting and compelling people to know and learn from -  so much to learn from Brett , and fortunately he will also be around for our hackjam, so I’m excited about that too.

Popcorn is my favourite Webmaker project of the moment for more reasons than I can list here, including how effortless it is to answer this question: “What can Popcorn do?”. My response is an easy: “what do YOU want to do on the web with video”. And usually ‘yep, we can make that easy with Popcorn’. And that’s just right now – so much coolness in the future . Endless potential.

On Thursday my colleague Helen Lee (who I met in the Hackasaurus Google Group, and has since moved to Van Isle to work here!) has setup a conf call with some Hive NYC organizers of this event : Popcorning Chicago   with hope we can leverage their experience for our own.  Excited about this one!

Ok, so back to my  Popcorn Drupal Module (because Drupal NEEDS popcorn) , now in a sandbox:   .  I wanted to commit my first dev version this Monday, but life got in the way (and that’s OK :)   but to anyone checking, my new goal is Aug 16 for the first commit.  I just *NEED* it to be in a certain place .  ON a related note, I’m excited to have had a couple of developers interested in helping see this project into reality!  Yay!

And to keep with my ‘rambling theme’, I’ve been thinking of how to continue with Webmaker after Mozparty is over – and for me (with my kids) in their school seems the perfect continuation.  So November-ish, I’m going to see about creating a ‘Webmaker’ club for grades 4-5 at my daughter’s school.  Spending time with my daughter, and doing work I love sounds like about the best thing ever.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. (favourite quote – Margaret Mead)

Get Involved!  The world is run by those who show up  (A bumper sticker I saw once, and idea I share often)