Talk to kids about The Web and help #GenOpen

#GenOpen (‘Generation Open’!)  needs your help!

This spring we’ll be gathering kids and youth from all over the world to collaborate on the first Open Source project created and directed entirely by youth.  They’ll learn how easy it can be to contribute to an Open Source project, while making something really cool in collaboration with others.  They’ll find out what many of us in Open Source love about Open Source: that you are empowered to make a difference by working in the open, that ‘learning happens’,  ‘mentorship happens’ , and because of a shared community goal – great things happen!

“If you could make anything on the Web what would it be?”

Youth will come together to review submissions to this question, select their favorite idea and launch their project, and we need ideas!

Please ask your kids, your babysitter, your nieces and nephews, the kid on a computer in the library…. very young children also  have great ideas.  Appeal to their interests, their dreams – crazy ideas welcome too!  “Drive a spaceship from Web controls” – why not.

If you run learn-to-code events, please consider this question as a wrap-up activity for your learners,

Once you have an idea please submit it using  the form below:

We’ll publish the chosen idea in Mid-February and launch the project March 11th as part of Open Education Week.