Technology as a career choice

Someone asked me this week if I wanted my daughter to become a software developer/programmer. It was a great question given all I’ve been doing with Hackasaurus and the article – the answer is ‘no’ but also ‘sure…if that’s what she wants to do’. Technology, programming – hacking is something I can speak about with a great deal of excitement, and so I feel honoured to participate in the education of children through Hackasaurus, but I’m not trying to influence a choice. Instead, I want to add to the list of choices; let kids know they can make technology – not just consume it.

I am SO GRATEFUL for my first opportunities ‘playing with technology’, I remember the day I made my first webpage (in Front Page?) with a green background and big red letters(I’ve never been much of a designer :) ), center alined in the page ‘Emma’, I’m keen to see kids have the same opportunity. I remember ‘Ahah’ moment, that Mozilla talks about with Hackasaurus, except back then technology was more transparent – things took longer perhaps we had more time to think about it! I remember my Apple 2GS Spell check took a half an hour on a college essay, which almost made me late for class! Now, kids get very impatient when an iphone app doesn’t load immediately as they expect it.

Anyway! I’ve had a brutal cold this week and, most of my progress with Victoria’s Hack Jam has been on the computer in the evening! I created a Lanyard Conference page, a Twitter Account and I submitted a request to my university for space. So hope to hear more on that this week. I have a few conversations to follow-up on including one from a colleague who has some other ideas for a location if need be! (yay).

Lastly I ordered some Mozilla swag (stickers, lanyards, buttons) for my next kids group! As part of being a Mozilla rep, that’s something I have access to – and I think the kids will love it.