Thank you Guillermo Movia


I first got to know Guillermo during our time together on Mozilla Reps council –  which was actually his second time contributing community leadership, the original was as a founding council member. Since this time, I’ve come to appreciate and rely on his intuition, experience and skill navigating complexities of community management as a peer in the community and colleague at Mozilla for the past two years.

Before I go any further I would like to thank Guillermo, on behalf of many,  for politely responding to terrible mispronunciations of his name over the years including (but not limited to)  ‘G-glermo, geejermo, Glermo, Juremo, Glermo, Gillermo and various versions of Guilllllllllmo’.

Although I am  excited to see Guillermo off to new adventures – I ,  and many others in the Mozilla community wanted to mark his 12 years with Mozilla by honoring and celebrating a journey so far.  Thankfully, he took some time to meet with me last week for an interview…

In the Beginning…

As many who do not speak English as a first language might understand, Guillermo remembers spending his early days on IRC and mailing lists trying to understand ways to get involved in his first language – Spanish.  It was this experience and eventual collaboration with other Spanish speaking community leaders Ruben and Francisco that led to the formation of the Hispano Community.

Emerging Leader, Emerging Community

Guillermo’s love of the open web, radiates through all aspects of his life, and history including his Bachelor’s thesis with a cover which you might notice resembles a browser…

During this same time of dedicated study, Guillermo began to both participate-in, and organize Mozilla events in Argentina.  One of his most memorable moments of empowerment was when Asa Dozler from Mozilla, who had been visiting his country, declared to Guillermo and the emerging community group  ‘you are the Argentina Community’ – with subsequent emails in support of that from both Asa and Mary Colvig that ultimately led to a new community evolution.

Building Participation

Guillermo joined Mozilla as staff during Firefox OS era, at first part time while he also worked at Nobox  organizing events and activities for De Todos Para Todos campaign.  He started full time not long afterwards stepping into the role of community manager for LATAM.   His work with Participation included developing regional leadership strategies including development of a coaching framework.

Proudest Moments

I asked Guillermo to reflect on what his proudest moments have been so far, and here’s what he said:

  1. Participation Mozilla Hispano creation community.
  2. Being part of Firefox OS launch teams, and localization
  3. Organizing community members, training. translating.
  4. Being part of the Mozilla Reps original council.

A Central Theme

In all that Guillermo shared, there was such a strong theme of empowering people – of building frameworks and opportunities that help people reach into their potential as emerging community leaders and mobilizers.  I think as a community we have been fortunate recipients of his talents in this area.

And that theme continues on in his wishes for Mozilla’s future – as an organization were community members continue to  innovate and have impact on Mozilla’s mission.

Thank you Guillermo!

Goodbye – not Goodbye!  Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian – see you soon.

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