Webmaker BC Forum

This summer we organized two Mozparty events:  Victoria Hackjam – Hackasaurus!  And Mozilla Popcorn Hackjam .  Both events sold-out with wait lists, both were a LOT of fun, and  learning happened on all sides .  Kids quickly grasped the technology; parents and volunteers (from diverse backgrounds in education, web development, filmmaking, government and beyond) responded with excitement, gratitude but most of all desire to do more in our city of Victoria BC.

I guess you could say the outcome of our event was  ‘More please’ : more events, more opportunities for discussion and  collaboration, more opportunities to learn, and to teach.  Parents and kids were interested in starting code clubs, and bringing the conversation into their schools which is exactly the goal.  Volunteer teachers/mentors are also keen to meetup and share ideas ~ yay!

To help connect and empower all involved, we’ve created a regional Mozilla Webmaker distribution list  for BC.

For those in Vancouver and other parts of  BC we hope you’ll join in as well – grow with us.

You can subscribe to the Webmaker BC list here.

*The main Mozilla Webmaker list is still the place to go to for ‘big tent’ conversations about Webmaker.


First Victoria Meetup:

Monday Oct 10th, 6:00 PM

1407 Government (Downstairs from the Decade Clothing Store)
Creative challenge:  we have no chairs, so if you can bring a folding chair (or anything to sit on) that would be great.  6:00 is dinner time so I’m having a sandwich tray made up (bring your hunger and water bottle).  I’m thinking this first meet will be photo-worthy :)

No set agenda  –  just catching up with everyone, hoping to brainstorm re: Hackerspace / Open discussion on plans for next year (Open Data Hackathon/CAGIS etc)