Webmaker BC (Victoria) Open Data Day, Wiki, Meeting Notes and Hackjam for the rest of us

Victoria Webmaker Announcements:

Wiki is UP

https://wiki.mozilla.org/Webmaker/Victoria with loads of information on  Webmaker and our last Meetup January 28th. 

ANYONE can register their name and edit this wiki – so please do (ie: add your organization to ‘Particpating Groups, or if you have space available for events add that under ‘available rooms/spaces, fix my edits anything)

Meetup Notes

…are linked from Wiki under (you guessed it) ‘Meetup Notes’

Open Data Day is ON !

At City Hall!  We’re mixing Webmaking youth with Open Data Day hackers  ( I know… if you’re not from Victoria, you now wish you were)

Check under ‘Participate’ for links, and Meeting Notes for Jan 28th for more details/action items (we’ll need volunteers to help)


Learning Hackjam (for youth & grownups who want to teach Webmaking) . Shall we?

I’m thinking of running a hackjam for all of you…  Perhaps spend a morning making things on the web around your own ideas with some of the cool Webmaker tools & projects.  For the hackers among you, thinking ‘make your own Popcorn.js plugin’ ?  (Firefox OS App development next time if this one works)

What do you think? If I ran an adult/older youth  hackjam around Webmaker  would you come?  (or bring older youth,)   – talking to Alana /Saanich youth next week with the same question)