Webmaker After School Club

With the Mozilla’s Summer Code Party wrapping up,  I’ve been switching focus to schools, and the creation of a ‘Webmaker Club’. I love hacking with kids, so fun – and I love how the process provides learning for the adults around them (open web, fun of making etc!).

In my attempts so far, school administration hasn’t been very receptive of the whole web-literacy thing.  Not to say, they disagree or don’t see the value –  but perhaps a mix of ‘don’t have time’ and ‘need more info’. To that end, I’m back preparing a lesson plan based on the theme ‘Our School’ to present as an after school activity every Friday .

My vision:  An awesome bilingual Wikipedia site for our school (which is currently without any content); a student-made, Web Native video based on the history, data and stories we’ve collected for Wikipedia.  + a bunch of hacking/remixing and playing in between.

THIS lesson plan is shared/editable/comment-able so any improvements you can see,  please help.  I want to propose something to our school by the end of September and get started after Christmas.  I’m sure MozFest will help a lot too!

Updated : lesson plan with Makey Makey ( after reading Christian Heilmann’s blog on the subject, which you should too)

PS – I need a WebMaker Club logo, but I can’t design anything at all, even a little.