Webmaker School Club

I’ve wanted to run a Webmaker school club  for quite a while, and met with resistance for just as long. Thanks to our amazing principle, I am completely thrilled to finally… have the initiative accepted in my daughter’s school starting Monday. Currently working hard on a lesson plan, that includes  online and offline activities + Q & A Skype sessions with people who can share on specific topics as we cover them.  Excited to have my ‘own kids’, twenty-eight of them :)

To help support others who may want to run a similar club I’ve setup a Webmaker Club Website, with Github repo for resources.  As the ‘donation’ section suggests, I am also looking for donations or sponsorship to help with tech purchases Right now I have 28 kids  2 laptops, and no  time to fundraise – I’ll start by asking Santa for a few Raspberry Pi.