More kids, More Learning (for me!)

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My meeting with VIATEC isn’t until later in March, which gives me a lot of time to gather information, and get in some more experience teaching kids and getting feedback. Each time I do this, I go through the slide show of technology (new and old) and by a show of hands, ask who recognizes the item. It’s so interesting how random I’m finding these responses so far, no patters other than age groups. It think that < 10, influence is still mainly through parents, so they either have access or they don’t. Most kids know what a smart phone is because, even if their parents don’t have one – someone else in their direct care does (teachers, friends parents etc).

Most kids have no idea what this old modum is:

But then I realized that had as much to do with the phone as the modum – only half the kids can tell me what this is:

Of course I’m purposely trying to trick them. That’s half the fun 😀 Hackasaurus has been a huge hit – usually we take the school home page and make into a Harry Potter page, or just silly stuff about the kids themselves. I’ll try to share the next one here.

Anyway… I’m preparing two presentations for next weeks VIHET conference at the University of Victoria, which should be a good opportunity to practice public speaking and always love the chance to champion open source.

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