I’ve never really had a reason to have an actual site before – a purpose. I’ve had this domain for about 10 years, and host a lot client subdomains, but tiptoes.ca has had a blank page for years really. But now it has a mission 🙂

Then I watched this video on Tedx kids from Mark Surman CEO of Mozilla Foundation on teaching kids , and the future of kids & technology:

Where I learned about Hackasaurus:

And I read this, and the coming-together of businesses, and community to teach kids programming but also very relevant is this comment:

The British government just introduced its new plan for IT curriculum in its schools this week. It would teach 11-year-olds how to write simple 2D computer animations and require 16-year-olds to learn coding and write smartphone apps.

And then I decided to teach my daughter’s grade 3 class ‘How to Hack’ using Hackasuarus, but that’s just the start. I’m going to document the pulling-together of my presentation, and my attempts to make ‘Techtoria’ (as the tech community likes to call Victoria) embrace ‘teaching kids to hack’. Perhaps I’ll meet a few cool people along the way.

I’ve taken a step back from my years chairing and fundraising for BCCHF and the Candian Cancer Society to give energy to this. I am a Sr Software Engineer with 12 years of experience working in a variety of technology with a focus and love of Open Source. I currently work at Royal Roads University, so I hope that my professional work with Open Source learning for adults online will lend to this project as well!