On being forces of good for each other

This is two one of two  – on recognition.

My last post focused on personalized recognition design.  We need be deliberate about designing recognition that’s valuable to community (staff and volunteers),  recognition that aligns with participation goals,  recognition that provides a  sustainable vision for the future between project and person.

If that sounds like a big task, it’s actually not, compared with the scale of what we need to accomplish.  The truly big task is to make the Mozilla community a place worth hanging your hat. Hoping you’ve read Leslie’sA place to hang my hat” now about surfacing the accomplishments of others:

And I want the same things for everyone I know. For all those folks who pour their heart into things and are unsung heroes. For people who give freely of their time and knowledge, and don’t expect a big party in return, just respect for having contributed. I’d rather none of us had to spend the time proving what we know.

(And this is especially true for women.)

I’d rather we all spent some time concentrating our energies on being forces for good for each other.

I watched the huge and positive response to Leslie’s post with interest  – because awesome.  There were tons of Mozilla tweets for this initiative #LABHR,  but then  – none in the last month or so.  Why is that?  Perhaps because the rush of participation felt good, but that we fail to personalize why surfacing the efforts of others on a regular basis matters.

Possibly, many of us are in privileged place of already being appreciated;  and because the consequences are silent, it does little to erode our personal glow.  Perhaps we feel we’re doing enough (and some teams to be fair do this really well already) or we’re just bad at time management – I’m sure there are a few reasons but I know it’s not because we’re out of people who need recognized :)

Here’s my proposal: Let’s reboot, or actually *start* the #mozlove idea that everyone loved (posted to CBT list) earlier year , and breathe life into it:

Find a community member(volunteer or staff) you admire and write/blog about their impact on the project, perhaps on you personally : encouraging stories about people who you haven’t seen highlighted previously –   as inspirations for 2015. Tag your shares with #mozlove

Lets be move from being ‘bandwagon-y’ about appreciation to being active participants and believers in surfacing the accomplishments of others.


There are lots of suggestions for how to do that on Leslie’s Blog post,  but I want to emphasis one of key suggestion:

Ultra-mega-bonus points if your first few write ups are for people who are not like you.

I’ll share what I’ve been doing in the past month (so it’s possible!)

  • I added a bi-weekly, reoccurring calendar event –  for half an hour to catch up on appreciation. This month I have written 2 LinkedIn recommendations.  I could not believe some of the amazing volunteers with no recommendations at all.  
  • I am slowly writing blog posts profiling a few young contributors at Mozilla who work tirelessly for Community IT (posting 1 later this week).  I wrote one on Nigel earlier this year as well. Here’s a template I use in case it helps you.
  • I’m trying to work appreciation into my workflow  – adding meaningful comments to issue trackers, and tweeting when I know it’s OK to do so:

Feels good, and important. #LABHR  and #mozlove  – hope you to see you there.

 Firefox Image Credit – Faisal !