Heartbeat #3 (my) Participation Opportunities

As you may or may not yet be aware, the Participation Team at Mozilla is working more openly using the Heartbeat process.  This week we start Heartbeat #3 , and in the next two days you’ll see this page fill with the issues the team will be working on for next three weeks.  You can see our previous issues and see how those went by viewing this page.

I thought I would surface a couple of things, I’m working on this heartbeat and would LOVE help with – should you want to get involved as a contributor in any way.  I always offer lots of feedback, training (where it helps) and #mozlove with every chance I get.  I also outlined what you might learn as part of contributing.

For my ‘base task‘  this Heartbeat:

1) Education Portal Theming

Our platform needs some love from someone interested in bringing this site inline with Mozilla design standards.  It’s close but – not close enough.  Built on Jekyll (Github Pages, LiquidBootstrap )  – ideally we need something like Makerstrap.

You’ll learn (or get better at) :  SASS, Jekyll, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS

2) Mozilla Domain Transfer

Right now the Education platform is under my repository account.  Deb has kindly given me some instructions on how to transfer, but need someone to book time with me to walk through it and make it so.

You’ll learn (or get better at) :  Github repository management

3) Figure out a way to add ‘chapters’ to training videos

I need a way to add chapters to a couple of our longer traiing videos.  Research to help identify the best way (not Popcorn Maker which is being depreciated) would be super-helpful.

You’ll learn (or get better at) :   Media / Teaching Technologies

For my Marketpulse task this Heartbeat:

1) Targeted Outreach

We have a  community growing around Market Research contribution (Marketpulse) thanks to the clarity of our steps in the participation ladder. We still need a lot more people completing steps #1 and #2 in areas where Firefox OS phone is sold.

2) For a creative challenge I need help identifying non-traditional ways to reach out to people already skilled in Market Research.  Basically outside the Mozilla community where do we go for this skill-set? I need not only ideas but someone interested in testing those ideas.  If we could have even 1 new and skilled Market Researcher join as a volunteer I would do a happy dance and share that on Social Media.

You’ll learn (or get better at) : Strategy, Communication, Community Building, Writing

For my Community Onboarding Task

Community members will soon be part of the onboarding process for new staff and interns (yay!), as part of that we’ll need a scheduling tool.  Onboarding is every Monday, and we need to ensure that all slots are covered. So!

1) Tool Research

I need help figuring out a way to create an open and accessible scheduling tool for sign-up.  Is there a good (free and open) tool for this?  Maybe its just a calendar, but I need help researching, evaluating and selecting.

You’ll learn (or get better at) :  Community Management, Scheduling


So these are the things that would really be helpful if you’re looking to get involved with the Participation Team this Heartbeat – or at least my small place on it.  Please email me at eirwin at mozilla, OR leave a comment OR tweet at me. if you’re interested.  Thanks!

I would also be curious if this is helpful to those looking to get involved (above the Github issues). If not what else would work?


Image Credit David Blaine