Community Education – Building Together

So, yesterday I wrote an introductory post : Mozilla Community Education in 2015 with a promise to write a each day leading up to our first Community Education Working Group Call on Thursday.  I wrote about our vision for Community Education as core to the virtuous circle in Mark Surman’s vision  , and how the strength and leadership of the Mozilla Reps  will act as a launching pad for participation across,  and well beyond the project.  Today I want to talk about a vision for virtuous circle of education & learning at Mozilla.

But first, for context – how we’ll be working:

Functional Area Group

“Volunteers who understand Mozilla’s top-level goals feel they have a bigger impact with their contributions”.  

       – David Eaves Contributor Survey of  Mozilla Community

The Mozilla Reps program will be initiating specialized groups for participation.  It might sound a lot like a previous Reps initiative: Special Interest Groups (SIG), and on the surface that’s understandable  – but here’s how they will be different:  these groups will be focused on targeted delivery of functional area goals.  Education & curriculum lending to this success will be curated in partnership with product teams,  and their goals.  We can’t seem to  pick a name for these groups – suggestions?

These will be leadership groups, modeled similarly to the Reps program itself, with a mentorship structure to scale.  Because, this too is a launchpad, group participation needs to expand well beyond reps to be successful.


We talked a lot about Pilots in Portland, but we’re just as likely to call these ‘experiments’ because we’re still learning what works.  Right now Pilots are simply time-bound initiatives initiated by request of functional areas, and executed by their Functional Group. Education & Curriculum will mobilize teams to have the impact product teams need. Curriculum in many cases will need to be localized ( so if you are interested in localizing learning content, please let me know!)

Building Together


image credit: Robyn Jay

In the last month, I’ve spoken with many leaders of Education at Mozilla –  amazing people like Laura Hilliger, Janet Swisher, Diane Tate and Hoosteeno (you should read this post on Learning Experiments on MDN), all expertly working in this space of curating and delivering content; their teams already successful at pushing product success through the opportunity of education.

What I’m recognizing is that Community Education can also connect virtuous circle between our teams, with community and with external organizations like Open Hatch. For functional area initiatives and pilots,  we can leverage some of the great work of MDN with ‘Topic in a Box‘, with Webmaker we can perhaps connect and centralize efforts building content for P2PU ‘Course in a Box‘ (and beyond).  With amazing Reps and contributors like Michaela Brown, and MDN learning resources,  it’s  actually realistic to think we can scale Open Hatch + Mozilla events at Universities.  And that’s before I even get to benefits of sharing brain-power, ideas, experience – enthusiasm. So yes,  I’m super excited at the potential and hope you are too.


Tomorrow: Community Education Survey, Recognition That Matters

Featured image credit: Stephen Burton