My #Mozfest 2014

As per usual, the Mozilla Festival was amazing.  I always find attending this event unofficially sets my course for the new year – and it’s already clear that will be the case again for 2015, as a result of Baroness Beeban Kidron’s keynote.

“Young people must understand not only how the web works, but be aware of it’s purposes, it’s social outcomes, and they have to be participants in creating the web of the future.”

“Parental controls do not work, do not build resilience and subsequently block the opportunity.”

“Digital use must be informed and desired, not simply a reward-driving culture for someone else’s bottom line.”

“The right to digital literacy – includes  social literacy, understanding the philosophy, to make it and create it.”

“Digital literacy, the language of their generation, the language which society is being built deserves the same care and attendion we as English litearcy.

I feel like Beeben’s speech confirmed my current direction including lecturing on digital literacy at a parent’s gathering later this month.  In 2015 I want to focus as much on parents and educators as I have been with youth.  I think I’ll be sharing this speech often.

You can watch Beeban’s speech starting just after 6 minutes.

Otherwise,  the Mozilla Festival had more inspiring moments, and people than I can find time to write about, including the Community Building track.  I taught a session on ‘Contributing to Open Source’, which was wonderful but we ran out of time.  I’ll be sharing a teaching kit on the collaborative outcome in the near future.

I was also able to share a bit of the story of my work here in Sooke during the lightening talks on Saturday evening – normally speaking isn’t difficult, but in a room filled with peers and mentors  – unexpectedly nervous!

I want to wrap up to say how amazing the Mozilla Reps are.  This is my 3rd Mozfest, and I am just more and more proud to be part of this volunteer community.   Reps were everywhere at this festival having huge impact – leading sessions, leading volunteers, leading talks, leading Karokee :) – and most impressively staffing the Firefox Flame – Flashing booth. Reps are dedicated, talented, passionate and hard working volunteers and I’m so honoured to have had this opportunity to work among them again for another Mozfest.