How to Clean and Maintain Your Invisalign Trays?

When you opt for a clear aligner treatment, it’s not just your smile that’s transforming. Your daily routine will need to adapt, too, particularly when it comes to dental hygiene. Invisalign trays are famous for their barely-there appearance, but they require consistent care to stay invisible and effective. By following a few simple steps to clean and maintain your aligners, you can ensure they remain as fresh and clear as the first day you got them.

Why Invisalign Tray Maintenance Matters

Maintaining proper hygiene and care for your Invisalign trays is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of your treatment and the overall health of your oral cavity. Here’s why Invisalign tray maintenance matters:

  • Preventing Discoloration and Odors: Regular cleaning of your Invisalign trays helps prevent the buildup of food particles, plaque, and bacteria, which can lead to discoloration and unpleasant odors. By maintaining a consistent cleaning routine, you can keep your aligners clear, transparent, and free from any foul smells, ensuring a more discreet and comfortable treatment experience.
  • Minimizing Bacterial Growth: Proper maintenance of your Invisalign trays helps minimize the growth of harmful bacteria that can accumulate on the surface of the aligners. Bacterial accumulation can not only contribute to oral health issues but also compromise the effectiveness of the treatment. Thorough cleaning can help reduce the risk of developing dental issues, such as cavities and gum disease, during your Invisalign treatment.
  • Promoting Overall Oral Health: By maintaining the cleanliness of your Invisalign trays, you contribute to the overall health of your mouth. Proper hygiene practices not only support the success of your orthodontic treatment but also help prevent potential complications that could arise from poor oral hygiene, such as tooth decay, gum inflammation, and bad breath.

Maintaining Invisalign Trays

1. The Daily Cleaning Ritual

Rinse and Repeat

Every time you eat and take out your Invisalign trays, make it a habit to rinse them thoroughly under lukewarm water. This prevents plaque from hardening and keeps bacterial build-up at bay. Avoid hot water, as it can warp the plastic and affect the fit of your aligners.

Brush and Soak

At least twice a day, preferably in the morning and night.

  • Brush the aligners gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and clear, unscented liquid soap. Toothpaste can be abrasive, so it’s recommended to use soap instead.
  • Rinse them once more to wash away any soap residue.
  • Soak your trays in a cleaning solution recommended by dental professionals. An appropriate soaking cleans teeth aligners, ensuring they remain sanitary and clear.
  • After soaking, give them another gentle brush and then a final rinse.

It’s also important to brush and floss your teeth before reinserting the trays to maintain optimal oral hygiene and tray cleanliness.

No Eating or Drinking While Wearing

Aside from plain water, consuming food or drinks with your aligners on can stain them and lead to trapped debris. Always remove them before eating or drinking anything to prevent unnecessary staining and odor development.

2. Weekly Aligner Care

  • Inspect your aligners for any signs of calcium build-up, which appears as a cloudy white film. This can be removed with a specialized cleaning crystal or tablet.
  • Ensure that your Invisalign case is kept clean as well. Washing it with soap and warm water can prevent the spread of bacteria back to your trays.

3. Aligner No-Nos

  • Never use colored or scented soaps that may transfer unwanted color or tastes to your aligners.
  • Avoid using abrasive materials like toothpaste or rough brushes that could scratch your trays, making them more noticeable.
  • Refrain from leaving aligners exposed or in direct sunlight. Not only can this degrade the material, but it can also make your aligners a breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Professional Aligner Assistance

While at-home care is crucial, aligners like Invisalign sometimes need the gentle touch of a professional. A visit to a trusted Invisalign dentist can help with any persistent issues. If you’re in the local area, seeking out clear aligners in Spotsylvania can offer you the right expertise for maintaining that seamless alignment and ensuring your trays are well taken care of.

Invisalign Aligners and Dental Work

If you have or are considering getting dental implants, it’s essential to consult a professional. Try to seek out an implant dentist in Spotsylvania to ensure your clear aligners work harmoniously with your dental work.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth, and integrating them into your orthodontic treatment requires precise planning. Your aligner trays may need special adjustments to accommodate implants, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless tooth movement throughout your smile journey.

Invisalign For the Whole Family

Invisalign isn’t just for adults; aligner treatment can be suitable for all ages. When considering aligners for various family members, it’s essential to find a comprehensive family dentist adept at providing orthodontic care for all age groups. For families in certain localities, finding a practice that specializes in dental care in Mineral ensures that everyone gets the attention they need to maintain their clear aligners effectively.


Learning how to keep your Invisalign trays clean and well-maintained is a significant part of your orthodontic journey. This routine not only ensures your aligners are practically invisible but also that your oral health is not compromised. By following a consistent cleaning schedule, avoiding harmful practices, and consulting professionals for specialized care, you can enjoy a successful and hygienic journey toward your perfect smile.

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