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Ecommerce Digital Marketing Tips for More Online Sales

Ecommerce is a growing percentage of total retail sales. This trend has continued for many years. This healthy market is great news, but it also points to increased competition. It can be more difficult (and sometimes more costly) for each ecommerce company. Attracting the right customers is key.

There are many levers you can pull to get the most out of your ecommerce digital advertising campaigns. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is the best time to get started.

1. Google Shopping Ads – Reach local shoppers
Google Shopping campaigns are an essential tool for any ecommerce business. A Shopping campaign allows you to prominently promote your products on the Google search results page at the time people are searching for the products you offer. You can add product images, prices points, ratings and other information to your Shopping ads that make it easy for customers “add to basket.”

After you have uploaded a product feed (a master spreadsheet that describes the key attributes of your products) to Google Merchant Center, and connected your Merchant Center account with your Google Ads account Google will automatically generate ads for products whenever a user searches for a related query.

2. Display ads can be resold to them!
Our Google Shopping benchmarks report shows that the average Google Shopping conversion rate has been lowered to a little less than 2%. This means that about 2% clicks on Google Shopping ads result in purchases. Is this a sign that Shopping campaigns are a waste? Nope. No.

The 2% conversion rate means that you might need to do more work to get those customers back to your ecommerce website. Remarketing is a great way to do this.

Remarketing can increase your ecommerce conversion rates because it draws in shoppers from the fence. Remind them about the shoes they loved last week. Perhaps they are ready to purchase!

3. Shop on Instagram to turn likes into sales
The conventional wisdom that search marketing is used to drive sales has held for years. Social marketing, however, is used to build brand awareness. Although search (including Google Shopping), is a great way to convert low-funnel prospects and social is a great way to reach new audience members, the absolute distinction between these two channels is diminishing every year.

After you have created a profile on Instagram, and uploaded a product catalogue to Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), your products can be tagged in your Stories posts and organic feed. Users who view your organic content will no longer have to navigate to your site to purchase a product. Instead, they can click on the product that interests them and then follow the link to your website.

4. Customer reviews can help you build trust
You’ve just started shopping on Instagram. While things seem to be going well, it is driving significant traffic to your product pages. However, the pageviews are not converting into sales at an incredibly high rate. Are there any ecommerce marketing strategies that can increase your conversion rate?

Yup: Customer reviews. Consumers are cautious about spending their discretionary income and glowing reviews from customers who have purchased your products are a great way to make them feel more confident. It’s a simple and effective way to convert more website visitors into customers by posting ratings and reviews.

5. Pop-ups can help you increase your cross-selling skills
Pop-ups are another way to increase your ecommerce digital marketing strategy. These windows temporarily take over the screen of site visitors to offer them additional offers. Pop-ups can be used to lure potential shoppers with discounts or to add additional products to their shopping cart.

I know, it’s true. Pop-ups are not popular. But there is a reason why they are so ubiquitous. They work! They work especially well when presented with relevant offers, such as a BOGO or limited-time discount. They can bring in a lot of extra revenue for your company if used correctly.

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