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My year on Reps Council

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It’s been one year! An incredible year of learning, leading and helping evolve the Mozilla Reps program as a council member. As my term ends I want to share my experiences with those considering this same path, but also as a way to lend to the greater narrative of Reps as a leadership platform. I could write easily write 12 posts to cover the experience –  but  I thought this might be more helpful: The 7 things I know for sure (after 12 months on Reps Council) 1. Mozilla Reps…read more

On being forces of good for each other

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This is two one of two  – on recognition. My last post focused on personalized recognition design.  We need be deliberate about designing recognition that’s valuable to community (staff and volunteers),  recognition that aligns with participation goals,  recognition that provides a  sustainable vision for the future between project and person. If that sounds like a big task, it’s actually not, compared with the scale of what we need to accomplish.  The truly big task is to make the Mozilla community a place worth hanging your hat. Hoping you’ve read Leslie’s “A…read more

Personalizing Community Recognition

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This is part one of two  – on recognition. Something I’m thinking a LOT about these days is community recognition:  meaningful and personalized recognition.  Especially for community education, and especially to celebrate milestones of success navigating contribution ladders/pathways. Earlier this year, we sent out a survey asking Mozilla Community (staff and volunteers) to evaluate, from a provided list,  methods of recognition they most valued. Interestingly, no single method had more than 75% approval, with most hovering around 30% negative response. From digital badges, to shout-outs and printable-certificates there was no…read more

Opensource.com Article on Mozilla Community Education

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Super excited to share my post published on opensource.com for Open Education Week: “Mozilla cares for community with educational resources“.  

P2PU Course in a Box & Mozilla Community Education

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Last year I created my first course on the P2PU platform  titled ‘Hacking Open Source Participation’,  and through that fantastic experience stumbled across a newer P2PU project called Course in a Box. Built on  Jekyll blogging software, Course in a Box makes it easy to create online educational content powered by Github Pages. As awesome as this project is, there were a number of challenges I needed solve before adopting it for Mozilla’s Community Education Platform:  Hierarchy Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator. It uses template and layout files…read more

Webmaker Exploratory

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Two years ago I proposed a Webmaker Club at my daughter’s school, and it was turned down in an email:  Because it involves students putting (possibly) personal info/images on-line we are not able to do the club at this time.  They did say that they may have to reconsider in the future because more and more of life is happening on-line. One year later, and because our principle is amazing, and sponsored it – I had a  ‘lunch time’ Webmaker Club at my daughter’s elementary school (grades 4 & 5)…read more

Kindness in (Open Source and Online) Communities

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Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain I’ve had this post swirling around in my head for a while.  A post on my experiences and preference to lead, participate and negotiate conflict in online communities through kindness. I might  be writing it as a proposal to others, but also it might be a bit of therapy to review this strategy for myself. Kindness is the tone you set for yourself When we consider approaching community conversation with kindness and patience; when…read more

Community Education – Building Together

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So, yesterday I wrote an introductory post : Mozilla Community Education in 2015 with a promise to write a each day leading up to our first Community Education Working Group Call on Thursday.  I wrote about our vision for Community Education as core to the virtuous circle in Mark Surman’s vision  , and how the strength and leadership of the Mozilla Reps  will act as a launching pad for participation across,  and well beyond the project.  Today I want to talk about a vision for virtuous circle of education &…read more

Mozilla Reps Council AMA

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Cross-post of Majken Conner’s invitation to participate in the first Mozilla Reps Council AMA.  Come ask us questions this Thursday! This Thursday, launching during the Reps call, council will be doing a 24h AMA. They’ll be using Discourse, so you only need your Persona account, no need to sign up to Reddit to post. You won’t need to log in to read the AMA. For those of you that haven’t done an AMA before, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.“, made popular by the SubReddit. It’s a way to get…read more

Mozilla Community Education in 2015

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Last year, to research some theories I had about empowering community, I polled numerous open source communities about their experiences as contributors. Some key responses to  “why do you contribute” were: To learn more about a specific technology or project To grow and develop existing skills For challenge and feedback from respected peers. Opportunity to mentor, or be mentored To better learn and understand the philosophy of Open To improve my resume. The majority of responses identified learning opportunities and mentoring as a key motivators for participation, and (perhaps even…read more