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Personas for Participation

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For a few months now,   I’ve been slowly identifying, and compiling a set of Participation Personas to help me, and hopefully others build quality contribution experiences for people, representing various stages in their Participation journey at Mozilla. In addition to the Persona ‘stories’, I’m insisting that  a number of ‘lenses’ need  be applied if we are serious about improving dimension and diversity. Dimension & Diversity ‘Lenses’ Age Gender Identity Accessibility Communication Skills Geography/Regional Identity Language Active/Inactive Status Project Association Skill level Primary Motivation {Personal or Mission} Skill-set Aggression/Toxic Rating…read more


Participation is my co-pilot … in space!

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Whistler was an exciting and productive week for the Participation Team (which included volunteers).  We learned  a lot about ourselves, our team,  the expectations of the project and  perhaps most importantly – the Participation goals  of nearly 30 teams at Mozilla. The experience reinforced the value of volunteers and volunteer communities at large, magnified by the  participation of contributors in nearly every session we ran.  In every way, we immersed ourselves in radical participation: listening to outside experts, polling passersby and engaging in intense discussions on every angle of community’s…read more

#Mozlove for Tad

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I truly believe, that to make Mozilla a place worth ‘hanging your hat‘, we need to get better at being ‘forces of good for each other’.  I like to think this idea is catching on, but only time will tell. This month’s #mozlove post is for Tom Farrow AKA ‘Tad’,  a long time contributor, in numerous initiatives across Mozilla.  Although Tad’s contribution focus is in Community Dev Ops, it’s his interest in teaching youth digital literacy that first led to a crossing of our paths. You’ll probably find it interesting…read more

Keeping Girls Engaged in STEM Fields (until they retire as old women)

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I was honoured to be invited to Makerfaire Vancouver this past month to talk a bit about Mozilla, Mozilla Webmaker ‘Clubs’ and to encourage a grassroots approach to teaching and mentoring girls in STEM.  As it tends to go, I learned far more from others on the panel than I was capable of sharing I also left feeling a greater sense of purpose for my role in encouraging diversity in technology. And that purpose came after listening to another panel speaker shared his studies showing that – when girls are…read more

Heartbeat #3 (my) Participation Opportunities

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As you may or may not yet be aware, the Participation Team at Mozilla is working more openly using the Heartbeat process.  This week we start Heartbeat #3 , and in the next two days you’ll see this page fill with the issues the team will be working on for next three weeks.  You can see our previous issues and see how those went by viewing this page. I thought I would surface a couple of things, I’m working on this heartbeat and would LOVE help with – should you…read more

#MozLove for Tanner

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Lets be move from being ‘bandwagon-y’ about appreciation to being active participants and believers in surfacing the accomplishments of others. I block off a a bit of time each month as my #mozlove shout-out day. This is the day I try to blog, or write a couple of LinkedIn recommendations for community I am grateful for, amazed-by or otherwise I think you should know about!   And so, I want to surface the story of Tanner today.   Tanner is a part of a core team contributing to Community Ops, and…read more

Towards a Participation Standard

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Participation at Mozilla is a personal journey, no story  the same, no path identical and while motivations may be similar at times,  what sustains and rewards our participation is unique. Knowing this, it feels slightly ridiculous to use the visual of a ladder to model the richness of opportunity and value/risk of ‘every step’.  The impression that there is a single starting point, a single end and a predictable series of rigid steps between seems contrary to the journey. Yet… the ‘ladder’ to me has always seemed like the perfect…read more

Participation Team Heartbeat #1 – Demos!

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As shared on the recent Participation Call, the Participation ‘Team’ is starting to work in heartbeats – mirroring the success of the Mozilla Foundation Team working ‘agile and open’. We just completed our first heartbeat, which included evaluation of the Heartbeat process and the new tool we’ll use to bring community into the center. As you can see  from the Heartbeat ‘life cycle’: Demo is an important milestone of evaluation and measurement prior to starting the next one.  Like the Webmaker team, we will be inviting contributors, and streaming our…read more

My year on Reps Council

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It’s been one year! An incredible year of learning, leading and helping evolve the Mozilla Reps program as a council member. As my term ends I want to share my experiences with those considering this same path, but also as a way to lend to the greater narrative of Reps as a leadership platform. I could write easily write 12 posts to cover the experience –  but  I thought this might be more helpful: The 7 things I know for sure (after 12 months on Reps Council) 1. Mozilla Reps…read more

On being forces of good for each other

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This is two one of two  – on recognition. My last post focused on personalized recognition design.  We need be deliberate about designing recognition that’s valuable to community (staff and volunteers),  recognition that aligns with participation goals,  recognition that provides a  sustainable vision for the future between project and person. If that sounds like a big task, it’s actually not, compared with the scale of what we need to accomplish.  The truly big task is to make the Mozilla community a place worth hanging your hat. Hoping you’ve read Leslie’s “A…read more