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My #Mozfest 2013

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  I feel incredibly  fortunate to be adding a ’2013′ to the title of this blog post,  reflective of this being my second Mozilla Festival.  Last year, I spent the entire event on the Webmaker floor, but this time propelled by new questions, ideas and focus  – found myself knee-deep in a variety of spaces. Privacy and the Web I found this to be my strongest focus at Mozfest this year. In my community recently, I’ve been trying to figure out – how to address parent and educator fears about…read more


Open Source Your University

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Sharing my post from Edu Drupal Unconsortium  : “Open Source your University“  , one of a few we’re posting this week in preparation for Higher Ed at BadCamp this weekend .    


Overcoming the Scary Web.

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            The heart of my Mozilla Webmaker contribution,  has a lot to do with being parent to three young girls (3, 8, 10) on the cusp of internet exploration(actually my 10 year old is already on DIY.org regularly) . We want our daughters to grow into independent creative, compassionate, empowered  and responsible people – safely. A daunting task in a world where everyone is connected and digital literacy programs are missing. This weekend, I read this article on childhood viewing of pornography .  It  terrified…read more

The blogs I should have written (and a common thread)

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I am behind by about 9 posts.  Rather than giving up the idea I’ll ever keep up – I’ve written  a summary of those things “I would have blogged, if I could have blogged, when I should have blogged!” North American Mozilla Reps Meetup As a result of attending the North America Reps meetup, I wanted to blog about: Community building in North America, why it’s important and my personal goals in this area. Why working in small isolated groups has been hard, and my hopes for Reps working together…read more

Mozilla Summit Assembly

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              Last weekend, I  was fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Paris .  A weekend with 65  other Mozillians(20 volunteers, 45 staff) nominated by their regional and functional areas to lay the groundwork that is necessary for the successful execution of the Summit in October. The power of ‘open’ is the only reason I can justify the air I was breathing  among so many incredible people: leaders.  Finding my voice among so many brilliant, groundbreaking, inspiring people was sometimes overwhelming, but empowering.  Mozilla…read more

AdaCamp Takeaways for Women & Mozilla

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It’s been a busy three weekends, with Makerfaire, AdaCamp and now wrapping up the Mozilla Summit Assembly in Paris (très bien) . Busy or not, I would be sad to miss the opportunity to  write about Adacamp’s influence on me as a women developer in open source, but also with mind to running more inclusive Webmaker and FireFox OS events as a Mozilla Rep.  Of course, inspiring more women contributors to Mozilla(WoMoz) is a high goal as well, and I had some thoughts on that  as well. By the way…read more

Be an Ally

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I’ve learned many things during the last few days at AdaCamp, but the notion of ‘Allies for women in tech’ – actually for anyone who might face discrimination is one of the most meaningful take-aways so far. AdaCamp,  is  leading by example, featuring a ‘Main’ and  ‘Allies’ Tracks : Allies Track “is for people of any gender who are eager to support women in open tech/culture” Just seeing that people cared enough to *attend* the Allied track felt good.  Maybe, through allied efforts crap like this won’t just be something…read more


Vancouver Mini MakerFaire

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Super fun weekend at Mini Makerfaire in Vancouver. I traveled over from Vancouver Island with my two oldest daughters Molly and Daisy. Awesome to meetup with Helen, Dethe, Rowan, Erik, Jeff and others from Vancouver’s Mozilla office to run a Webmaker booth. Helen and I also talked ‘Webmaker’ on the Speakers stage Sunday Afternoon. Some Highlights Hours and I mean HOURS of fun. Molly and Daisy spent appox. 9 hours at the Makerfaire and were engaged, excited and happy the entire time thanks to the incredible variety of ‘Making’ booths. …read more

Edu #Drupal Unconsortium

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    I highly recommend that anyone interested in open source, open education,  collaboration between universities, the future of higher education, Drupal, Moodle -  innovation in general , watch the video  presentation by Zach Chandler (Stanford University), Brian Wood (UC Berkley),  and Shaun DeArmond at DrupalCon Portland this week. (at the end of this blog post)  So incredibly sad to have miss DrupalCon this year, hoping for DrupalCon Austin in 2014. “Unconsortium: The next phase of collaboration in Higher Ed”  is a project very dear to my hippy-ed-tech-open-source heart.  Every…read more

#teactheweb week 3 (Open Web)

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I’ve spent the last three weeks floating around the Webmaker MOOC as a ‘Super Mentor’, I believe there are about 90 of us with this title – mentors with various backgrounds, interests and experience helping make the #teachtheweb experience a great one.  So far the makes, remixes, conversations, blogs, and various contributions have been incredible. This week was week #3 – Open Web.  The heart of my contribution to Mozilla, paired with the opportunity to collaborate with people I’ve never met?  Yes please :)   My goal was to take the…read more